Why does my oven take so long to preheat? Quick Guide!


Want to cook something quickly to save time? Or maybe you want to cook dinner quickly to spend more time with your family? If you are using an oven then you know how pre heating it helps you cook and bake faster and save your time and hassle. However, if you found out one day that your oven is not pre heating properly then it may be quite infuriating to deal with that. But do not fret! There are many reasons for ovens to not overheat properly, read on to find out why this happens and how you can fix this issue.

Why does my oven take so long to preheat? [Describe with reason in feature points]

There could be many reasons for your oven to preheat very slowly.

The Oven Igniter

The igniters inside the ovens are highly resistant to heat. But over time this resistance may fade away. These igniters can fade away to the point where it completely goes out. The igniters then won’t take in enough electricity and won’t supply enough gas needed to light the oven. In this case you need to have a repairman come over and replace the igniters.

Hidden Heating Elements

In modern ovens, heating elements are usually hidden so that it is easier to clean the insides of the oven. While this may be quite a useful feature, it may also result in the oven not preheating quickly. Since the heating elements are placed inside the walls of oven cavity, it can no longer provide direct heat and will take longer to warm up.

How long should an oven take to preheat to 400


How long it will take for your oven to pre heat up to 400 degrees can depend on a lot of things like your oven’s model, how old or new your oven is and what technology your oven use. Some ovens just naturally take longer to heat up while some can heat up quite fast.

Most professional chefs and bakers claim that it can take about ten to fifteen minutes for the ovens to reach the temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, we can conclude that it may take ovens on an average about 17 minutes to heat up to 400 degrees fahrenheit.

How can I make my oven preheat faster?

There is no feasible method that can pre heat your oven very fast. And if you try and heat it up quickly by applying external heat then you will most definitely damage it. Some believe that if you set higher temperature then the desired one the oven may heat up faster, but it is a myth. The oven is still heating up at the same rate. There is one method that actually worked for many and that is to turn on the oven’s broiler on high for 5 minutes and then switch the oven modes. After using the broiler, you can reach up to 350 degrees in about 2 minutes! So, if you are really short on time try and use this method.

How long does it take an electric oven to preheat to 450?

This can really depend on the brand, size and shape of the oven you are using. Naturally a bigger oven will take more time to heat up and vice versa. The power of the oven is also a factor here as naturally a more powerful oven will heat up faster. Typically, you can estimate that an average oven will take about 10-15 minutes to heat up to 450 degree fahrenheit. But if your oven is a large one then it can take up to 30 minutes to preheat to 450 degrees.

How long does it take for an electric oven to heat up?

Electric ovens can come in many different sizes, different powers, and different heating element designs. All these factors determine how fast your electrical oven can pre heat. Some modern electric ovens even come with features like fast preheat mode which as the name suggests can preheat the oven faster. You should remember that on average, electric ovens with hidden heating elements will take up to 20 minutes to preheat. And electric ovens with exposed heating elements can take up to 10 minutes.


If you are tired or lazy, then you must know how tempting it may be to skip preheating. But we all know how pre heated ovens can make amazing foods along with improving its taste and texture. Now that you know from this article how to pre heat your oven quickly, we hope you will no longer face long waiting times for your oven to heat up! If you like what you read then make sure to share this with your friends and family!