What Ovens Do Chefs and Celebrities Use

A convection oven is the best choice for chefs and celebrities. It is by far the most reliable device for cooking and baking.

While being trained as professional chefs, all must agree that proper nutritional ingredients and culinary skills are needed to make a perfect dish. But something people often miss out on is making a dish perfect is baking.

Many professional chefs use certain tools and equipment for cooking. Ovens are a vital piece of culinary hardware. In this article, I will mention ovens that professionals and Celebrities use. 

What oven does Alton Brown use?

He is a big fan of the Trivection oven and mainly uses it for cooking at home. It is made by the brand named General Electric. They are convection, radiate heat, and allow customizable cooking for different foods.

Their technology ensures constant temperature and better air circulation. The brand has manufactured ceramic glass cooktops and control panels with child safety features. The brand is also well known for manufacturing wall ovens, cooktop stoves, and other ovens.

After a long time for the brand to be on the market, it approached Alton. The company requested him to provide cooking lessons for their engineers. They believe it will help them make better ovens in the future. 


What oven does James Martin use?

James Martin uses the M Series Professional Double Oven. During a show, he was seen cooking in a double oven with red knobs in his home. Later it was found that the oven was from a company called Sub-Zero Wolf.

James Martin

This company has become one of the favorite choices for many chefs and celebrities. It has become a sign of luxury and class for stars. The range of modern and classic designs will amaze your guests. It is robust, reliable, and stylish from every perspective. 

What oven does Nigella use?

Nigella uses an AGA cooker. Not every celebrity is a fan of modern ovens. It is Swedish cookware that comes with stovetops and ovens.


The company was in Sweden, but later, in 1957, it was moved to the UK. The main attraction of these ovens is the taste of the food.

Like casseroles will taste heavenly, which will remind you of your grandmother. The main focus is to keep the food and house warm and welcoming. It is best suited for cold countries. 

What oven does Ina Garten use?

Ins Garten is fond of French ovens. She considers cooking a sign of culture; to make it stand out, fancy ovens are important. She believes that altogether ovens are tools used for cooking, it is essential for them to look and feel fancy.

Her kitchen is packed with cooking gear from the brand Lacanche. The brand is well known for its range of unique and premium-looking cookware and ovens. Since 1908 the company has been manufacturing gorgeous-looking and premium French ovens. 

What oven does Donna Hay use?

Donna Hay uses a convection oven for cooking. Not everyone seeks fancy and expensive ovens. All it matters is an oven to work. Convection ovens allow fast cooking since the temperature stays constant.

Better air circulation allows the food to be cooked both from inside and outside. She believes in the method of cooking rather than relying on different types of ovens. 

What oven does Raymond Blanc use?

Raymond Blanc uses a German-manufactured convection oven. She prefers using a regular oven but from reliable brands. Her kitchen is decorated with appliances from the Gaggenau brand.

It was established in 1683 in southwest Germany. It is a company that focuses on manufacturing kitchen appliances. The company has a long history, and its products are stylish, modern, and reliable. 

What oven does Gordon Ramsay use?

Gordon Ramsay uses both electric and gas convection ovens. He is a man with curiosity. He has recently tried making dishes out of an air fryer he uses often. He has a Rorgue cooker at his home.

In movies, we all have seen those huge rectangular boxes in the kitchen, and Gordon has one of his own. His Rorgue cooker has 3 ovens, 3 gas burners, and a charcoal grill. 

What oven does Anna Olsen use?

Anna Olsen uses an electric deck oven. These are some specially designed ovens with layers built into them that can be controlled separately. Each layer has different dials to adjust temperatures separately. It is a convenient way to cook separate dishes at the same time. The major drawback of these ovens is the lack of space. 

What oven does Martha Stewart use?

Martha Stewart uses a Viking French door oven.

It is an American appliance company manufacturing kitchen appliances since 1987. The company manufactures ovens with different features. The one she uses has a pull-down door that doesn’t burn her arms while opening it. She is fond of the design of her oven. 

What oven does Joanna Gaines use?

Joanna Gaines uses a convection stove which La Cornue makes. The stove comes with a built-in oven. Middleby Corporation owns it along with other appliance brands like Viking and Lynx. Their range of ovens is between $8000-$56000. They are built to make your cooking memorable. 

What oven does Joshua Weissman use?

He uses a convection oven. He believes that cooking solely depends on proper ways to prepare it. Things like ingredients, meat, and vegetables have to be prepared in a certain way to make a perfect dish.

He doesn’t show much interest in the designs and looks of his appliances. He uses a Range oven which has cooktops and ovens built-in. The oven uses electricity to cook food. 

What oven does Pizza Hut use?

Pizza Hut uses deck ovens. It uses conduction heat to bake food. The heat travels straight from the deck to the bread. It also uses infrared heat waves, which enter the food and cook it from inside. It provides the original taste of the food without any complicated setups. 

Which oven is used by Dominos?

Dominos use XLT ovens. It is manufactured by a company called Wolfe. It uses a belt to transport food into the main chamber. The heat blows from both the top and bottom, allowing the pizza to cook properly from both sides. The pizza doesn’t have to be inside the oven for long. 

What oven does Starbucks use?

Starbucks use a ventless oven. The oven is a mixture of a regular oven and an air fryer. It uses air and microwave energy to cook foods faster. The hot air can create a crust on the outer layer of your food, which the normal oven cannot. There is no compromise on the quality of the food. 


Cooking appliances are the pride and joy of a chef. All chefs have the preferred cooking gears that they love to use. Some have different structures, sizes, brands, and colors. All it matters for a device is to fulfill the needs of its users. Many companies encourage professional chefs to use their products, while some pick their brands.