Is it possible to mute the keypad tone on a microwave oven?


Are you the type of person that stays up late at night? Perhaps while you are awake, you may end up having midnight cravings. 

So you get ready to heat something in the microwave. But as you try to do that, you realize how loud the keypad tones are on the oven as there is not a single sound in the middle of the night.

The sound of the keypad tones can wake up your family members. And you do not want that!

Hence, you may wonder, is it possible to mute the keypad tone on a microwave oven?

Luckily for you, some microwave ovens can indeed mute the keypad tones. But only some microwave ovens can do that. And it would be regrettable if your microwave oven could not do that.

Is it possible to mute the keypad tone on a microwave oven?

Yes, it is possible to mute the keypad tone on a microwave oven. But that depends on whether your own microwave oven has this feature. In many older microwave ovens, this feature was not available. So, if your microwave oven is ancient, you should not have high hopes.

Suppose you still have the instruction manual that came with your microwave oven. In that case, you should check that out to see if this feature is available in your microwave oven. If you don’t have it, you can always look up the model of your oven online and search for the manual there.

You can always go to the brand’s website or the manufacturer and see if you can get the desired information there. Another thing you can do is to call the customer support of the oven brand and ask directly.

How to mute the keypad tone on a microwave oven?

If your microwave oven is a recently released model, you should be easily able to mute the keypad tone. Modern-day microwave ovens, especially those produced recently, come with a built-in feature to mute keypad tones.

So, if you want to mute the keypad tones, you first need to look for the mute button or the mute option in the settings menu. Often people do not realize it is there. So, you need to check for that first. If you did not find the option to mute keypad tones, then there are two possibilities: Your microwave oven did not come with one or an unconventional way of activating it. If it is the latter, then the best action is to look up your microwave oven manual to figure it out. You may also visit the website of the brand of your oven and check out the steps over there.

How to silence a microwave without a sound button?


If your microwave oven does not have a sound button, it means a different process to mute the microwave. Often it is seen that pressing down certain buttons does the trick. It can be either button 1 or 0. Sometimes it is the stop/cancel buttons. That should most likely do the trick.

But if your oven is ancient and does not have this feature, then there are unconventional ways to mute the microwave oven. This involves you opening the microwave oven and removing the sound-producing device. Simply cutting off wires will work as well.

But if you do not want to go through this hassle, you can always buy a new microwave oven with a better and more modern feature set. If you could spare to buy a new microwave, it is better not to open up your current one to mute the oven.

Doing so may potentially damage the microwave, and cutting off the sound chip will permanently terminate all sounds of your oven.


Oven sounds are a vital feature of the microwave oven. They are helpful to alert you when the timer is up, and you don’t burn down your food.

But understandably, some sounds may be a bit distracting sometimes. You can turn them off in newer ovens, but you have to deal with it if your oven does not have this feature. Opening the microwave oven and cutting out the sound chip may seem a good solution.

But it would be best if you did not attempt it unless necessary. Getting a new oven is a preferable choice in that situation.

After all, it is best to not potentially damage your working microwave oven. If you are lucky, you can trade in your old microwave oven with a new one! Many brands offer this opportunity. We hope you got the desirable knowledge you need from this article. If you liked what you read, then make sure to share it!