Is Wedgwood China Oven Safe? (Quick Answer)

Wedgwood China is a premium maker of Jasperware. They have been around for over two hundred years and have provided quality and collectible bone China for many generations.

If you happen to own any Wedgwood China, you should preserve it. But if you want to use it, you may wonder if it is safe in the oven.

The primary material used to make Wedgwood in China is ceramics and porcelain, so it is safe to use in the oven. But if your Wedgwood China is not entirely comprised of ceramic or porcelain, it is better to heat it in the oven at low temperatures or not use it in the oven.

What is the material of Wedgwood China?

Wedgwood spent many years refining the porcelain that would later be known as Jasperware. They continued to research until they finally succeeded in 1774. The semi-precious stone this porcelain most closely resembles jasper, hence its name.

It is a form of unglazed crystalline stoneware with various hues, including the well-known Wedgwood blue. Green, yellow, lavender, black, and white are more hues that are available today.

Is Wedgwood China oven safe?

Yes, Wedgewood China is oven safe. As Wedgewood China is made of porcelain and ceramics, you can safely use it in traditional microwave ovens.

But you should ensure that it does not undergo frequent temperature changes. Taking the Wedgewood China from the refrigerator to the oven before letting it reach average temperature can damage it.

Is Wedgwood China Vintage oven safe?

Yes. But you should not place it in the oven at very high temperatures. These days Wedgewood China comes with information on how much temperature it can handle and whether it is dishwasher or oven safe.

But they did not use to provide this information in the past. We know most Wedgewood products should be safe in the oven up to a specific temperature.

So, if you have a vintage Wedgewood China, you probably should not use it in the oven.

Is Wedgwood China good?

Wedgewood China makes one of the most premium bone China and porcelain ceramics. It was always made with Steller quality, with minor to no imperfections. Even modern-day jasperware collectors are drawn by vintage and new Wedgewood China.

And if you are still wondering if they were good, Wedgewood ceramics were used by Britain’s royal family for generations.

Is any Wedgwood valuable?

Wedgwood can be extremely valuable. As they have been around for over two hundred years, they have made many limited edition wares to sell in different eras. Almost every Jasperware collector will own at least a few Wedgwood Jasperware.


Wedgewood China is oven safe. But make sure to avoid using it in the oven if it is vintage Wedgwood. It is better to have it as a keepsake than potentially ruin it. If you own a vintage Wedgwood jasperware, you should pass it on to future generations. It will serve as an excellent souvenir of this era!