Is there any healthy alternative to the microwave oven

Cooking with a microwave oven is very common nowadays throughout the modern world. Almost 90% of households in the UK have a microwave oven. But it was never an ideal choice to preserve nutrients and human health.

It is better to reduce the dependence on the microwave oven. But what could be a healthier alternative to the microwave oven? Yes. There are plenty of substitutes for microwave, such as toaster ovens, air fryers, convection ovens, conventional ovens, and broiler ovens. Those are way healthier and safer cooking options than the microwave.


This article will discuss the harmful effects and the substitutes for microwave oven cooking. You will get to know more information if you go through this article. So, keep reading.

How does a microwave oven work?

Microwave ovens consist of an electron device named a magnetron. This magnetron produces microwave radiation. This will excite the food molecules and create rotation and vibration inside the molecules, which generates heat.

Mainly, the heating process depends on the penetration of the microwave into the food. The greater the microwave radiation, the faster the vibration, and the greater the heat produced.

With excessive heating, water molecules denature and produce steam granules. It makes microwave cooking different from other cooking methods.

The microwave oven has a mirror wall and turntable plate. This helps the food to be cooked evenly within a short period.

Why might microwave ovens be dangerous for human health?

Microwaves radiate EMF(electromagnetic field) radiations. Whenever you use a microwave oven, you are exposing food to the EMF radiations and yourself.

This type of radiation can cause serious harm to DNA and the human body.

Exposure to a high level of microwave can cause burn on your skin. The eyes and tests are these two parts of the body that are highly vulnerable to microwave radiation. The lens of the eyes is sensitive to intense microwave radiation. It may cause cataracts.

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Is microwaved food unhealthy?

Electromagnetic waves pass through food and exceed the food molecules and cause them to move. As they respond to the microwave, the food is heated.

From research, it is found that microwaved meat causes the production of d-nitrosodienthanolamines. This is a carcinogen that is capable of causing cancer in the living body. Moreover, microwaves passed through the vegetables turn the alkaloid of vegetables into carcinogenic substances.

The use of microwaves In cooking also reduces the nutritional value of food. For example, microwaved broccoli can lose up to 97% of antioxidants. On the contrary, steamed broccoli loses only 11% of antioxidants.

Furthermore, microwaves also reduce Vitamin-C in asparagus, and Vitamin-B12 in milk is also deactivated. Garlic’s primary cancer-preventing ingredient, “Alliinase,” is depleted by just one minute of microwaving.

Healthy alternatives for Microwave oven

Since using a microwave oven is not very convenient for the well-being of health, we should search for substitute methods. Of course, there are many healthy alternatives.

A few healthy alternatives for microwave ovens are described below :

Toaster oven

You can heat your food using convection heat in a toaster oven. It also requires less space than microwave ovens.

It Is a multi-purpose appliance. Because a toaster oven can also broil, cook, brown, and toast the food.


You can reheat any food on the stove which is reheated using a microwave oven. Hot stews and soups can be kept warm for a longer period.

You have to add a splash of water to the pan with food. Then, you have to close the lid. After that, set the pan on the stove for a few minutes until the food gets warm.

Air fryer

Air frying is a unique method of cooking. This produces crispy and flavorful food items.

It takes more time than the microwave to cook food. Though the microwave method is faster, it causes a loss of nutrients, texture, and lackluster flavor.

The air fryer will give you a flavorsome crispy finish to your food. It is a relatively oil-free and healthier alternative.

Conventional oven

The oven uses thermal insulation to generate heat and cook food. It has two heating devices. One is placed at the bottom of the oven, and another one is at the top.

It takes a longer period than a microwave oven to cook food. But still, the heat radiating from the heating device creates a crispy exterior, which is impossible by using the microwave oven.

Convection oven

A convection oven consists of built-in fans. These fans help to surround food with hot air.

The convection oven is faster than any conventional oven. But, it is not as fast as a microwave oven.

The specialty of this type of oven is it can allow heating even throughout the food. Moreover, it provides the baked texture of the meal.

Double boiler

A double boiler is a great alternative to a microwave oven for reheating food. It provides accurate control of temperature.

In a large pot, 1 or ½ cups of water and metal trivets are added. The food that needs to be heated must be inside the heat-safe container. The container is set on the trivet, and the lid is closed. Normally, medium heat is used to produce steam which heats the food.

This method is preferable for grain food items. It is also applicable for reheating stewed meat, mashed potatoes, or vegetables.


Q. Why should I replace the microwave oven?

Ans:  Ovens do not reheat foods evenly and are not safe, also essential nutrients are zapped away by the radiation. Moreover, they are so big and bulky that they take up a lot of space. That’s why you should replace the microwave oven with a better alternative.

Q. Can radiation from a microwave oven harm?

Ans: Microwave oven produces EMF radiation. Metal shields and screens over the windows stop the radiation from going outside the oven. So, if there is no leakage and if you stay at least 1 foot away from the oven while it is on, the radiation won’t harm you.

Q. Which is healthier: microwave or oven?

Ans:  Oven is healthier than a microwave oven. Because the oven doesn’t cause depletion of nutrients and also doesn’t radiate harmful radiation. Though it is slower than a microwave oven, it is healthier.


As you can see, using microwave ovens for cooking harms your health. So you should replace the microwave oven with any other convenient alternative as soon as possible.

Are you still confused about the alternative to the microwave oven? Then, the suggestion is the easiest and simplest way to stop using microwave ovens is to get rid of them. You will find alternatives automatically.

For a faster speed of cooking, you shouldn’t sacrifice your health. So, avoid using a microwave oven and get used to healthier cooking methods for better health and future.