Is There an 18-Inch Gas Range? (Explained)

Gas is one of the essential things in our kitchen room that helps cook different kinds of food. So having the top-notch quality and perfect-sized gas is a cardinal tool. 


Today, I would like to talk about the gas range as many people are interested to know whether there is an 18-inch gas range or not.

The manufacturers of the different brands of the gas make different sizes of the gas as many people expect to get various dimensions of the gas. By understanding the customer’s requests and needs, the manufacturers of the different brands are always ready to offer us multiple sizes of sons of the gas. 

Is There an 18-Inch Gas Range?

All sizes of the gas ranges are available.  Of course, there is an 18-inch gas range. An 18-inch gas is a cooking appliance that is used for cooking. These tools are small in size, perfect for a small kitchen. It is not the standard size gas range. However, many people are interested in small gas like an 18-inch gas range. 

The main focus is to present the different sizes of the gas ranges and some of the best gas stoves for the apartment. If you are looking for the best quality gas range for your house, I hope this article will help you understand the perfect gas range stove. 

What Sizes do Gas Ranges Come in?

Stoves are one of the essential devices in our kitchen. Most manufacturers make the standard size by understanding the customer’s needs. However, there are many different sizes and designs which you can use according to your requirement. Now, let’s know what size gas ranges come in. 

  • Apartment size stoves
  • Standard size stoves
  • Professional size stoves

Apartment size stoves: These are designed for small kitchens or spaces. Let’s know about the size of the apartment-sized stoves. 

  • Width: 20 to 24 inches
  • Depth: 25 to 27 inches
  • Height: 36 to 46 inches

Standard size stoves: In the general kitchen, you can install them as the size of the stoves are perfectly designed for all types of kitchen. The size of the standard size stoves are: 

  • Width: 30 inches
  • Depth: 27 to 29 inches
  • Height: 36 inches

Professional size stoves: Professional size ovens are used for restaurants that help cook large amounts of food together. Knowing the furnace’s general size will help you install it easily. The approximate size of the stoves are: 

  • Width: 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches
  • Depth: 27 to 29 inches 
  • Height:  36 inches or 36.5 inches

What is the Best 20-inch Apartment-size Gas Stove? 

PRO201SS 20″ Gas Range with 4 Burners 2.62 cu. ft. Oven Capacity Cast Iron Grates in Stainless Steel:

If you are looking for a 20-inch apartment-sized gas stove, you will love it because its unique features are easy to clean and install. I have been using this stove for a long time. So I hope you will also love using it. Let’s know some of the unique features. 

PRO201SS 20" Gas Range with 4 Burners 2.62 cu. ft. Oven Capacity Cast Iron Grates in Stainless Steel:

Easy fittings: This stove quickly fits into the small kitchen designed perfectly for the apartment. It has four stove ranges, it will help you cook faster than other stoves. It delivers fire perfectly, and the parts of the stove get cooler. 

Robust stainless steel body: This stove is constructed of solid stainless materials that cause minor corrosion coated with protective layers of paint. It gives a professional vibe by providing a door, broiler, control panel, and handles made of steel. It can last for a long time and helps you to cook different types of recipes by delivering proper heat. 

Four sealed burners: It has four with adjustable cast iron tops. It is easy to clean and safe to use. This stove provides a tool that helps the units to be transformed from natural to LP gas. 

  • Affordable
  • Difficult to clean

What is the Size of a 4-Burner Gas Stove?

Knowing the size of the burner gas stove is essential to help you install it easily. If you do not know the proper area size where you can keep the furnace, some problems may occur. The size of a four-burner gas stove is 760x450x100 mm.

How Much Clearance do you Need for a Gas Range?

A gas range needs a 6″ sidewall clearance above the counter height to maintain the proper distance from the explosive distance. The support for a gas range may change as it depends on the size of the gas range. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the width of a four-burner gas stove?

The width of a four-burner stove is 30 inches. It is the standard size of a 4-burner gas stove. 

Q. What is the most reliable stove brand?

There are many different brands of stoves on the market. If you are not experienced in buying a furnace, you may face some difficulties. So let’s know about the most reliable stove brand that will provide flexibility and longevity. 

  • Frigidaire
  • Thermoda
  • KitchenAid
  • Whirlpool
  • Cafe 
  • Bosch 
  • GE


The gas stove is something that we use every day for cooking different recipes. So having the proper size and safe stove is one of the essential things to focus on. Before buying a gas stove, know the appropriate size, durability, and affordability. In our previous articles, I wrote many articles related to cooking appliances and tools. If you have any questions regarding any topics, feel free to ask us.