Is the Wolf Oven Self-Cleaning? [In-Depth Guide]

There are many different types of ovens that have self-cleaning options. However, some ovens do not need self-cleaning.


Here, I would like to discuss the wolf oven as many people are curious to know if the wolf oven has self-cleaning or not. And let’s know if there are self-cleaning methods in the wolf oven and how you can do it step by step. 

Not all Wolf ovens have self-cleaning mode. The wolf ovens that have the blue porcelain interior have self-cleaning options.

Is the Wolf oven Self-Cleaning?

All the wolf ovens are not self-cleaning. The self-cleaning option is available on the wolf oven, which has a blue porcelain interior. These ovens do not need self-cleaning because they do not usually reach extremely high temperatures of not more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How do You Use the Self-Clean Mode on a Wolf Oven?

If you do not know how to use the self-clean mode on a Wolf oven, do not worry. The process of self-cleaning is relatively easy. It generally Some of the steps you can follow to do self-clean mode on a Wolf oven are: 

  • First, you have to remove all the oven racks and guides. 
  • Secondly, you have to remove the back stone. The oven will remain closed until the self-cleaning method is operating. And the temperature will cool down below 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Self-cleaning time can be adjusted between three to four hours. And it also needs one hour to cool down. 

How do I know if I have a Self-Cleaning Oven?

It is easy to know if you have self-cleaning options in your model. It is usually seen on the control panel and in the product manual. If the oven has a locking handle,  it can mean that the oven has a self-cleaning option. If you see three of anything, you have to clean the oven manually. 

How do you Clean a Wolf Oven that is Not self-leaning?

Cleaning a Wolf oven that is not self-cleaning can be time-consuming. It will help if you put some effort into cleaning the internal parts of the oven manually. But keeping the oven clean is very important. Here, I will tell you how you can clean the not self-cleaning oven. 

  • Ensure the oven is powered off and cooled down. 
  • Before you start, ensure large dirt particles are not in the oven.
  • Make the mixture of cleaning solution with baking soda and water. If you want, you can use ammonia to clean the internal parts of the oven. 
  • You need to apply the mixture of baking soda, cleaning solution, and water to the oven. Use hand gloves before you touch it. 
  • Keep the paste in the oven for 12 hours. This will help to remove the dirt particles and grease easily. Wipe the oven with damp clothes. Make sure the water does not drip too much. Wipe the internal parts of the range with a light wet cloth. Don’t forget to wipe all the stove parts with dry materials. 

Which Ovens are Self-Cleaning?

Pyrolytic, Catalytic, and steam ovens are self-cleaning.

  • Pyrolytic ovens: It takes three hours to self-clean.
  • Catalytic ovens: For self-cleaning of the catalytic oven, you have to be heated to remove the grease from the liners, and it should be done every month. It depends on how frequently you use the oven.
  • Steam ovens: It does not take to do self-cleaning. The steam cycles last about an hour and use less energy than a pyrolytic oven. 


I hope your confusion has been removed regarding the wolf ovens. Some wolf ovens are self-cleaning, and others are not. So if you are looking for wolf ovens, know their features. In our previous articles,  I wrote many articles related to ovens. If you have any questions regarding any topics, feel free to ask us. Be our friends to know more!