Is Revere Ware Oven Safe? Quick Answer!

Choosing the appropriate cookware for the oven is undoubtedly a hard nut to crack.

Among all good cookware, which one is suitable for your oven? Is it dishwaher safe? These questions put you in a nutshell and bring you to a standstill.

It’s inevitably vital for you to have safe cookware for your cooking appliance. After all, it would help if you grabbed an oven that cooks your food correctly and perfectly.

You also need to ensure that it does not break and melt. Considering all this, you need to choose the best cookware with a sharp lookout for your oven.

Finally, when you have chosen Revere Ware cookware for your oven, you must know if it offers oven safety or not!

Yes, Revere Ware cookwares are oven safe.

Is Revere Ware Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Revere Ware Cookware is made of Stainless Steel and a material called Copper. The handle of Revere Ware cookware is made of Bakelite, made with Polymer clay. Revere claimed that Bakelite may break if it goes above 350-degree Fahrenheit, due to the excessive heat.

There is a thin copper coat at the bottom. So, don’t scrub the bottom, as it may wear out.

Is Old Revere Ware Oven-Safe?

Some materials make (Like, Aluminum, Mild SS, etc.) cookware will get mixed with your food if it gets old. Let me tell you why. Old cookware is primarily burned in the bottom while getting cooked for many years. So, there is a chance of chemicals leaching into your food.

But the materials Revere Ware cookware is made of are Stainless-Steel and Copper, which are entirely non-toxic materials.

So the materials won’t get mixed with your food while cooking.

Can Revere Proline Go in Oven?

Earlier, the owner of Revere Ware brand mentioned that the cookware handle is safe to go in the oven. But long before, this statement became null and void. They said not to put backlite parts in the oven at all.

However, you can put the cookware side in preheated oven. It’s safe to set, and the cookware’s thermal conduction is excellent.

Where Is Revere Ware Made Now?

Paul Revere, the owner of Revere Ware, was born in 1734. At an early age, he became a craftsman. Revere Ware used to be produced in Rome, New York. 1989. Then it shifted to the riverside and, after that, moved to Clinton.

He went through bankruptcy numerous times. Revere Ware stopped selling parts back in 1982. He went through bankruptcy numerous times.

Transferring Aluminum production from domestic to overseas caused his financial issues in 1982. It is owned by World Kitchen, which Corella Inc purchased.


While others suggest different opinions, I would say not to put backlite parts in the oven. This will make your food toxic, poisonous and unhealthy.

The metal parts are safe to put in the oven. You need to ensure it does not exceed the limited temperature. Otherwise, it will break and leach into your food and poison it.

A gentle reminder is that Revere Ware Cookware’s metal parts are safe in the oven, but the handle will break in temperatures above 350 degrees.

FAQs: Related Asked Question

1. Is Revere Ware Toxic?

Answer: Revere Ware’s metal parts are non–toxic. But the cookware handle is made of Polymer Clay, which is poisonous and can melt into your food. This will result in non-eatable food. So, keep the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Can Revere Ware Pots Go in the Dishwasher?

Answer: I recommend you not to put Dishwasher into the oven. If Revere Ware goes into Dishwasher, it will soon be non-usable. The handle will make the food toxic if rules are not followed adequately.