Is Pyrex Measuring Cup Oven Safe? Complete Guide!

If you have been cooking for a while now, you must have heard or come across Pyrex glassware. Most people know it because it is used in chemistry labs in schools, but many don’t know how it can also be a great item for making cookware. As such, you may question the durability of the Pyrex measuring cup, like its oven and microwave safety.


Putting Pyrex and Pyrex glassware inside the oven is entirely safe, including a measuring cup. But you should know a few things before using Pyrex materials, especially if you are handling them for the first time.

What is Pyrex?

Pyrex is a glass brand known to be highly resistant to heat. And it is very durable as well. It is a famous material used to make apparatus in science labs. This is primarily because of its resistance to many strong chemicals.

what is pyrex

They were initially made from borosilicate, which gave them the property to withstand sudden temperature changes. But now they are being made with soda lime. While the durability of soda lime Pyrex is not the same as borosilicate Pyrex, they are still more durable than most other glass.

Is Pyrex measuring cup oven safe?

Yes, the Pyrex measuring cup is oven safe. It is made of Pyrex which is heat resistant and durable. Pyrex measuring cups can be used in kitchens and science labs!

The rules of placing everyday Pyrex cookware in the oven also apply to measuring cups. If you have any previous experience with Pyrex glassware, you won’t have problems using the its measuring cup.

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How to safely use Pyrex glassware in the kitchen?

Keeping and maintaining Pyrex glassware safe in the kitchen is not very hard. You should keep a few things in mind: ensure your Pyrex glassware does not undergo sudden temperature changes. When you take your Pyrex glassware out of the oven, make sure not to place it on a cold or wet surface.

Do not expose your Pyrex glassware directly to fire. Make sure your Pyrex cookware returns to room temperature before you put it in a freezer or an oven. If your Pyrex glassware develops a crack, then replace it. Otherwise, it may shatter or explode. Always wear your oven mitts when you take out your Pyrex glassware from the oven.

What are the advantages of using Pyrex glassware?

Pyrex is an excellent material to use in the oven for several reasons. It is heat resistant and durable. Since it is glass, it does not contaminate foods with toxic substances. It does not absorb any smell or odor.


Pyrex cookware does not suffer from any food stains. Due to its durability can be used in many places like ovens, freezers, dishwashers, etc.

Pyrex glass cookware is available in many beautiful and convenient shapes and sizes. Pyrex glassware is not very expensive for material with so many benefits. And you can easily find them in your local mall or supermarket.

What are the dangers of using Pyrex glassware?

If you properly know how to use Pyrex glass safely, you will rarely encounter a safety issue. There are some common dangers you may face in using Pyrex glassware. It will shatter if you place your hot Pyrex glassware on a cold or wet surface.


In many cases, it may also explode! So be careful where you place your hot Pyrex glassware. If your oven reaches a very high temperature, the Pyrex glass inside may break. The pieces of glass can get stuck in many corners of the oven and damage it.

Can you use vintage Pyrex in the microwave?

It is a jackpot to find a Vintage Pyrex these days. Vintage Pyrex is made of borosilicate glass. It is highly resistant to temperature changes. You can quickly move it from a cold freezer to a hot oven without risking it breaking. This ability of vintage Pyrex is referred to as thermal shockproof.

It is sure more durable and robust than available today. Also, the vintage Pyrex designs are pretty rare to find these days, so it would be a fantastic showpiece in your kitchen if you can find one.


Pyrex is an excellent material to use in the oven. It has been famous glassware in the kitchen for many decades. If you know the dos and Don’ts of using it in the oven, you will rarely get into any problems.

Make sure to use your Pyrex dishes at a suitable temperature in the oven so that it does not quickly degrade and break over time. Be sure to use oven mitts while handling hot Pyrex out of the oven to avoid any injuries! If you liked what you read in this article, then share this with your friends and family!