Is Oven-Fried Chicken Healthy? (Low Fat, Baked)

Maximum people like me have a neverending love for crispy fried chicken. A piece of chicken is coated with flour batter in a few steps and fried in deep oil. The result is crunchy on the outside, and the chicken is juicy.


For using excessive oil, it can not say healthy. But oven-fried requires less oil than oil-fried chicken. Is oven-fried chicken healthy? Yes, oven-fried chicken is healthier than oil-fried chicken as less oil is needed for oven-fried chicken.

Is Oven-Fried Chicken Healthy?

Fried means deep frying in oil. Why you fry something in the oven, you should call it baking. You will be surprised to know that oven-fried chicken is healthier than oil frying. Perhaps it is the easiest way too.

If you are on a weight-loss journey or are health conscious but crave fried chicken, you can count on oven Fried Chicken. Now you can ask why I’m saying this is healthy. Here are the reasons:

Less oil: Oil is essential for the human body, but excessive oil can be harmful undoubtedly. Oven-fried chicken requires less oil than oil-fried chicken.

Fewer calories: As oven-fried chicken requires less oil, it contains fewer calories. If you take extra calories, it will turn into body fat, and you will gain weight with stomach inflammation.

Less probability of burning: If the chicken is fried in deep oil, if the power of the fire cannot be kept under control, it is likely to burn. Moreover, the upper side of the chicken seems to have been fried, but the inside may remain raw, which is unhealthy. But in that case, oven-fried chicken is safe.

Time saver: The chicken is marinated and left in the oven at a specific temperature for a certain period. Until then, you can do other things.

Test quality: Oven-fried chicken is perfectly cooked and crispy enough and has no oil flavor, which is tastier and healthier to eat.

Oven-Fried Chicken vs. Oil fried Chicken: Which is Better & Healthier?

I have already learned that oven-fried chicken is healthier than oil-fried chicken. Let us now have a comparative discussion between the two.

Characteristics of oven-fried chickens

  1. Carry low saturated fat
  2. Contain low calories ( around 246 calories for 100gram)
  3. Suitable for a healthy diet
  4. Cause no stomach irritations
  5. Not greasy
  6. Less wastage of used flavorings and spices
  7. Less crispy than oil fried chicken

Features of oil-fried chicken:

  1. Carry high saturated fat
  2. Contain high calories ( More than 400 calories for 100gram)
  3. Not suitable for a healthy diet
  4. Can be a cause of stomach irritations
  5. Greasy
  6. Waste herbs, spices, and oil and lost the actual flavor of the f chicken.
  7. Crispy and flaky

What is the Healthiest way to Fry Chicken?

In my opinion, air frying is a healthier way than any other method. However, some ingredients of chicken fry can be altered to make it more nutritious. For example, egg coating can be used instead of flour coating. And it can be fried only if the oil is lightly brushed. No extra oil is required. Only your need is an air fryer.

The Healthy Factor of Using an air Fryer

  1. Early cooking, easy to use, and versatile
  2. Less oil cooking than
  3. Perfectly cooking
  4. You can cook faster than the oven in it
  5. Crunchy and crispy food cooking
  6. Whip up frozen food
  7. Can remove toxicity, virus, and bacteria from raw food
  8. No need to preheat before cooking 

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q. Is fried chicken good for weight loss?

It depends on the cooking procedure and ingredients. If you take oil-fried chicken, it will not be good for weight loss because it contains 400+ calories/grams. On the other hand, oven and air-fried chicken contains 245 calories depending on the ingredients. But still, you can take it often. But not daily.

Q. What does fried chicken do to your body?

A survey says that fried foods are not healthy, it causes serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease, stomach irritations, etc. Fried chicken is full of high calories, fat, and salt. It is slow to digest. It can make your body fat if you take it daily.


If you want to stay healthy, you must consume healthy food. Excess oil, fat, and calories should be avoided. However, if you have oily food, you can take it occasionally, not every day. Although fried chicken is your favorite, it cannot be consumed every day. It is not suitable for a healthy diet.f you want to lose weight, you must take oven or air-fried chicken.