Is oven cleaner safe for porcelain?

Do you have a porcelain surface with harsh stains that won’t get off with normal surface cleaner washing liquids? An oven cleaner is a strong washing chemical stronger than your usual washing liquids. After all, it cleans off all the harsh stains in the oven. But is oven cleaner safe for porcelain surfaces?

Few oven cleaners are safe, but most can be damaging. Make sure to use an oven cleaner that is safe on porcelain. Oven cleaner with a little percentage of sodium hydroxide can be used to clean porcelain.

Is oven cleaner safe for porcelain?

You can use oven cleaner with sodium hydroxide on porcelain in small quantities. Oven cleaners are made up of powerful chemicals that can easily corrode or damage if placed on the wrong surface. While a small amount won’t damage porcelain, heavy use of Oven cleaners with sodium hydroxide will damage it.

The active ingredient in oven cleaners is Sodium hydroxide. Strong chemicals can damage the glaze and corrode your dishes. So, using a mild cleanser to clean porcelain surfaces is recommended. If your oven cleaner contains a meager amount of sodium hydroxide, you can also use that oven cleaner.

Can you use Easy-Off on porcelain?

Yes, you can use Easy-off on porcelain surfaces. If you refer to their website, they mention it is safe to use on porcelain surfaces. You should use this cleaner only for the harshest stains, as it is still better to keep the exposure to highly corrosive chemicals on your porcelain at a minimum.

And when you do use it, make sure to follow precautions properly. It contains chemicals that can seriously harm the human body, so you should carefully handle it with protection. Wear gloves and other protective clothing while you are using it.

Will oven cleaner damage ceramic?

Ceramics is similar to porcelain, and you can use oven cleaner. But we recommend keeping its use to a minimum as high exposure can damage the surface. The active ingredient sodium hydroxide can damage ceramic just like it can damage the porcelain.

But you can use oven cleaners like Easy-off on ceramic surfaces as well. So, if you need to clean ceramic, you can use cleaning products that you used to clean porcelain. So yes, an oven cleaner can damage ceramics as much as it hurts porcelain.

How do you get stains out of a porcelain oven?

Oven stains are known to be very stubborn. This is due to food residue and grime being hardened by the oven heat over time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can remove stains from a porcelain oven,

  • First, make sure your oven is powered off for a while so that it is cool
  • Remove the oven shelves and soak them in a mixture of washing liquid and hot water
  • Grab the oven cleaner you like to use. You can choose the ones with a spray nozzle, as they can easily reach deeper into the oven.
  • Spread the cleaning solution inside the oven and leave it there for a few hours. You can use this time to scrub off dirt from the oven shelves.
  • Use a damp sponge to wipe off the oven cleaning solution in the oven and watch how the stains get off quickly. Make sure to properly wipe the inside of the oven so that no cleaning solution remains.
  • Wait for your oven to dry and assemble it as before.


There are many ways to clean harsh stains from your oven. But make sure to see if they are compatible with cleaning porcelain before use. You can easily find many oven cleaning solutions that aren’t harmful to the porcelain oven.