Is oven cleaner an acid or alkaline, or neutral? Quick Guide!


It is a common worry among many whether the oven cleaners are truly safe substances. After all, it may seem any oven cleaner that can cut off and dissolve so many layers of grease and gunk cannot be suitable for skin. Many wonders if this is due to the cleaners being very acidic. But some say otherwise and consider the oven cleaners as an alkaline substance. Today, we will discuss whether oven cleaner is acidic, alkaline, or neutral.

Oven cleaners are all alkaline. There is no acidic oven cleaner available. There is an excellent reason for this. Read on to know why!

Is oven cleaner an acid or alkaline, or neutral?

Oven cleaners are all Alkaline. This is because alkalines are very efficient at removing and cleaning grease and food crumbs. These grease and food crumbs can be very tough to remove as they accumulate. There are oven cleaners with higher alkaline solutions for more challenging to remove grease. This is the reason why baking soda is a popular alternative to cleaning solutions. As they are alkaline, they make a popular natural cleaner for the oven. Neutral substances are also used with alkaline solutions in cleaning. Water is the usual neutral substance used for this purpose. The use of other neutral substances is uncommon. Acidic cleaners are not made to be used in ovens. You will not find any acidic oven cleaner in markets.

Why is an oven cleaner alkaline?

There is a good reason why alkaline substances are used in oven cleaners. One of the main ingredients used in oven cleaners is sodium hydroxide. It helps to dissolve lipid substances that accumulate within the oven at a molecular level. This helps to wash away even very harsh greasy surfaces inside the oven. Another fantastic feature of using alkaline cleaners for the stove is that it can remove rust. Rust inside ovens can be a huge problem, and if you can remedy it with alkaline cleaners, then you pretty much hit two birds with one stone! Not only is your oven clean, but also free of any dangerous rust. Using acidic cleaners isn’t very helpful in removing grease from ovens and can, in many cases, harm the interior of the oven. Hence Alkaline cleaners are a superior choice of oven cleaners.

What is the pH of the oven cleaner?

Any substance that has a ph of over seven is considered alkaline. Since most oven cleaners are alkaline, their ph is usually around 7. Mild oven cleaners typically have a ph of about 9-10. And some strong oven cleaners have a ph of about 11-13. If you are planning on using a high ph oven cleaner, then you need to proceed with extreme caution. High ph substances can do a good amount of damage to human skin.

And due to such rigorous reaction to organic substances, it is used in high performance cleaners. For extremely gruesome dirt and grease, you should use an oven cleaner with a ph of over 12. But if you intend to do just a light cleaning of the oven, any cleaner with a ph of 9-10 should do. Knowing the ph of cleaners can also be helpful if you are looking to buy a new oven cleaner.

Is there any neutral oven cleaner?

There definitely are many oven cleaners that are neutral. Any substance whose ph is seven is considered neutral. Water is perhaps, the most famous neutral substance. You may wonder why does neutral oven cleaners exist; What is their purpose? Well, many people would like to safely clean their ovens without risking any harm to the skin or the oven. High ph cleaners can be toxic to touch and may not be preferred for cleaning. This is why neutral oven cleaners exist. You can use these cleaners to clean the oven risk-free. Even though it may not clean as well as high ph cleaners, it is still handy to keep it around.


Oven cleaners are alkaline substances.It is always good to know precisely what chemicals you are working with. Knowing that an oven cleaner is alkaline can help you understand how to use it properly. We learned that high ph alkaline substances are harmful to the skin, and we should wear protection like gloves while using oven cleaners. This knowledge can also help you choose how powerful a cleaner you want to buy in stores. Hopefully, this knowledge will prove very essential to you. If you liked what you read here, make sure to spread this article to your friends and family!