Is NXR a good oven brand? No More Mistakes!

NXR products are not only manufactured to the highest possible standard but are also truly a class apart from other companies. Thanks to using specific key components sourced from Germany and Italy.

NXR focuses on excellent and affordable products. Using the NXR range is a pleasure; it’s well-constructed, attractive, and pretty easy to use. It’s a US company based in California.

And the best part is, when you purchase an NXR coronary range, you’re getting a professional product with a budget price.

Is NXR a good oven brand?

NXR is an excellent oven brand. More and more people are buying and using NXR ovens because of their convenience, good looks, and affordability. They are comparatively expensive, but NXR products are thousands of dollars less costly compared to other brands.

They call it “affordable luxury,” as NXR focus on quality products at an affordable price.

Many people have a big appetite for pro-style ranges as they can give you plenty of cooking capability, but they can cost $5,000 or more. For example, the NXR 36″ Stainless Steel Pro-Style Natural Gas Range costs $1,999. Again the NXR 48″ Stainless Steel Pro-Style Natural Gas Range costs $3,989.

The NXR company is so good that it fights head-on with big names in pro styles like Wolf, Thermador, and Viking. Testers also assessed the look and felt of these NXR ranges, from the stainless steel finish, the iconic chunky red knobs on the Wolf, and the continuous grates over the burners.

Some pro-style ranges that are recommended by consumer reports are 36-inch KitchenAid, but these are a bit more on the expensive side.

What makes NXR a good oven brand?

The sleek design of NXR gives you a look and feel of a commercial restaurant-style range in your home. The all-stainless steel, professional-style gas range is designed to be the centerpiece of every kitchen.

The NXR features world-class single-stack burners manufactured in Germany because the Germans are very good and keen engineers. They offer the ultimate versatility, and all burners have purposes.

NXR ovens are high-power ovens. Using these ovens, you can boil water quickly with a high power of 18,000 BTU, simmer delicate sauces with low power of 6000 BTU, and do everything in between. The 48-inch NXR oven comes with an 18,000 BTU griddle for versatile cooking.

These ovens also have an auto-reignition system that protects against gas buildup. This safety feature is very impressive and necessary, which not many other companies consider. As a result of all these factors, it is safe to say that NXR is a good brand of ovens.

What are the few popular models of NXR Ovens?

NXR ovens are popular nowadays for their convenience, durability, and sleek design. NXR ovens can last for twenty to thirty years or more. These ovens are for life, so investing money in them is good.

NXR provides an entry-level, elite, and pro-series model. But their culinary series stands out more from the rest. As for recommendations, a few popular NXR oven models are:-

1. NXR 36″ Stainless Steel Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with 5.5 cu.ft. Convection Oven [SC3611]

With this NXR SC model, you can bring the look and feel of dining-style ranges into your home. This range is fully made of stainless steel and is designed to be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

It features six German-manufactured single-stack burners, a broiler burner that puts out 10,000 BTUs, and an oven burner that puts out 22,000 BTUs. Even cooking is made possible by convection fans that are installed inside.

A large oven window provides better visibility and allows better monitoring, preventing the need to open the door to check the oven temperature.

Lastly, this oven model has a two-year warranty. It is a perfect oven, but it does have metal strips between the stoves, which is likely to catch lots of food and might be challenging to clean.

2. NXR 48″ Stainless Steel Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with 7.2 cu.ft. Convection Oven [SC4811]

In addition to sealed gas burners, cast iron cooking grates provide a sturdy foundation for cooking. The heavy-duty cast iron cooking grate complements sealed gas burners.

The professional style can not be determined just by looks. The higher elevation also maximizes the effectiveness of NXRs’ German-made burners.

This oven consists of two stainless steel gliding racks. These racks are strong and can hold up to 50 lbs. This means you can easily cook extra-large Thanksgiving turkeys.

Very exciting!!

The NXR entree is very much suited for versatile cooking. Each of its burners serves a specific purpose. Thanks to the black porcelain stovetop drip pan, spills are easily cleanable. This model also comes with a convection fan for even cooking. But they aren’t as flexible as the other models.

3. NXR SCD4811 48″ Dual Fuel Range

This model comes with an extra-large 7.2 cu. ft. oven capacity. Of course, it is a dual-fuel range, which means the cooktop is run by gas, and the convection oven is powered by electricity.

All the power boards are made in the USA. The ovens of this model stand on four legs. And these legs are heavy-duty and adjustable. It also comes with an Under Cabinet Hood constructed to tackle the high-power BTU of professional ranges.

According to their website, the noise capacity is less than 65 dba. The under-cabinet hood parts have a one-year warranty. The oven racks are also adjustable, but sometimes they come off the locks and food can spill. It is a perfect oven but since it’s very powerful, use it cautiously.

What are the most frequent problems faced by NXR oven users?

One of the most common problems with NXR ovens is that the stove faces burning and clicking issues. Sometimes the burners work with only medium to low heat and make clicking noises continuously.

It’s a concert of clicks. It’s a very annoying problem, sadly, a common issue for NXR ovens. But this problem can be fixed by replacing the burners with rear burners. If you have a warranty, then you can replace them for free.

But if you are out of warranty, the replacement cost will be around $250/assembly. This is the only common problem that customers are facing.

What is the difference between NXR Entree and NXR Pro?

NXR Entree: The NXR Entree comprises parts that are sourced globally. It features four burners. Its highest power is 15,000 BTU, and its lowest power is 6,000 BTU.

They are single-stack burners made in Germany. The broiler burner is 10,000 BTU, and the oven burner is 22,000 BTU. PC boards made with American parts are included to help monitor the temperature.

Lastly, it comes with a 2-year manufacture date for services or to replace parts.

NXR Pro: The NXR pro has a versatile cooktop. This comes with six cooktops, and each of them has a purpose. Versatile cooktops are necessary for diverse cooking.

If you love experimenting with foods or making foods from all regions of the world, NXR Pro is for you. There are a variety of models to choose from when it comes to NXR Pro. But in every model, there is something for everyone and no place to disappoint.


Q. Who manufactures NXR ovens and where?

NXR ovens are manufactured by Duro Corporation, based in Southern California. They started making highly performing professional-style ranges at affordable prices.

Because of their motto and intentions, they got a lot of attention. This brand has brought us top-notch quality products, which compared to other companies, sell at reasonable prices. Their pro rangers are a game changer in this industry.

The components of these burners are designed and manufactured in Germany. Then the parts are shipped to China, where the products are assembled in their factory.

After that, they are shipped back to the US. They have distributors in Chicago, Florida, New York, Texas, and California.

Q. Is the NXR microwave good?

The NXR company is yet to make microwaves. NXR specializes in oven ranges. They don’t make microwaves but make other products like dual fuel ranges, cooktops, hoods, and BBQ grills.


NXR ovens are good ovens. The company focuses on luxury products without the usual luxurious price. NXR companies are compared with big brands, and NXR still wins.

Every product has pros and cons. But NXR has more pros than cons. The only problem with NXR ovens is that after 2-3 years of use, their cooktop has some clicking issues, which can be solved easily. Overall, NXR is a top quality oven brand.