Is NuWave Infrared Oven Safe To Use? (Solved)

NuWave oven is conducive to homemakers because it saves time and cooks food faster. It gives you many benefits. Essentially, we often want a gadget or a machine that can cook our food quickly in the rush of this competitive world.

So, what would it be like to have such an oven where you can roast, boil, and air fry? Indeed, you will love it. In some types of ovens, you need to preheat them, which can be time-consuming. NuWave does not need preheating. You can directly put the food into the oven.

Mainly when you are hungry and want to grab food quickly, NuWave will be the perfect oven for you to use. But you may be concerned about the safety features of the NuWave infrared oven. Also,  NuWave ensures product & food safety.

NuWave Infrared ovens are safe to use. Foods cooked in an infrared system don’t pose any threat to human health. Additionally, the built-in structure of the NuWave oven provides extra precautions for cooking and cooked foods.

In the upcoming discussions, I will answer all these questions related to Nuwave oven safety.

Is The NuWave Oven Infrared?

Yes, the NuWave oven is infrared. Many of us are not aware of infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation with frequencies where these waves end.

These wavelengths are comparatively short and small than microwaves. The range of these wavelengths is about (700nm – 1mm). We can’t see these waves. Humans can’t see these waves because these waves are invisible to human eyes. We can only feel the heat of infrared radiation (IR).

For instance, we encounter these waves in our daily-to-daily life. Precisely, tv remotes, optical fibers, thermal imaging cameras, and infrared cookers radiate these waves. There are much more examples in addition.

Is NuWave Infrared Oven Safe?

The NuWave infrared is oven safe, corresponding to microwave ovens. Basically, these waves are not strong enough to break the atomic structure of your food.

Let me explain this to you more clearly. When any food is reheated in the oven, the molecules vibrate promptly and reheat the food.

So, these waves cannot change electrons out of the atom because they do not hold so much energy. Your food remains safe in the NuWave oven.

But research shows that cooking meats at high temperatures for a longer period of time can be harmful. Cooking it for a longer time forms compounds like heterocyclic amines in more, which during a lab experiment, caused animal cancer.

So, you should limit the consumption of cold meat.

How Does The NuWave Infrared Oven Work?

NuWave infrared oven works in three methods. They are-

1. Infrared

2. Convection

3. Conduction

1. Infrared 

By now, you know what infrared is at your finger’s end. It is invisible radiation that can’t be seen but only felt. It cooks your food properly inside and out.

Apart from this, NuWave ovens cook faster than a conventional oven, and it’s healthy to cook in this oven. I feel this oven gives you benefits, which include no preheating. This can be a time saver for you. It’s safe and easy to use.

2. Convection 

Convection is a heating process that warms the air with a fan. This heats the air and cooks food a lot faster. This heating process is used in convection ovens. This method makes your food crispy to give you a delicious and appealing taste. You can heat it in both ways, whether it be gas or electricity.

3. Conduction

Conduction is a heat transfer method that happens directly from a hot material to cold. In particular, the atoms or molecules transfer the heat from a hotter to colder object. When we place the food on a hot surface, the heat transfers into it and makes it hot too. This is what is called convection cooking. This method is common because it regularly happens in our surroundings and nature.

Is NuWave Oven Better Than Microwave?

Although a NuWave oven serves superb advantages, a microwave still cooks faster than a NuWave oven. In other words, NuWave waves are shorter than microwaves. Hence microwaves reheat your food faster.

In addition, NuWave cooks faster than a conventional oven. NuWave ovens are healthier to cook, give a crisp taste, and do not need to preheat. The NuWave oven cooks your food for around 3 minutes. This oven might take a little time to cook compared to a microwave oven, but its benefits are more. Research shows it is the healthiest way to cook compared to other appliances.


 Q. When Did The NuWave Oven Come Out?

Answer: NuWave oven came out in 2002. NuWave Pro Plus and NuWave Elite are available in the market.

 Q. Does the Microwave cook faster than NuWave Infrared Oven?

Answer: Yes. The Microwave cooks faster than a NuWave Infrared Oven. But it’s healthier to use NuWave Oven.


To sum up, NuWave infrared oven is safe to use. It does not harm you or your food. 80% of the heat that comes from the sun is also infrared waves.

So, if someone tells you infrared ovens are not safe and healthy, know that they are not saying it right. The pros of infrared cooking are that it quickly cooks frozen food, can dry various materials, is a time saver, and is smaller in size. T

his oven cooks your food evenly. It does not cause cancer or other diseases. Though a microwave cooks faster than a NuWave oven, this oven is still good and safe to use. At long last, I would say it would be the best choice to cook in this infrared oven.