Is new oven smell dangerous (Hidden Agenda)

If you are reading this article, you must have purchased a new oven. Exploring all the new culinary delicacies, you can cook up with your newly bought appliance must be exciting. But just as you begin using your oven, you notice a smell of burning and chemicals in the air!


That must be quite frustrating to experience, and you may wonder if you bought a faulty appliance!

But worry not; this is entirely normal. Ovens give off bad smells and odors when turned on for the first time. Read on to learn more about this phenomenon.

Is new oven smell dangerous?

It is not dangerous. The smell is nothing you should worry about, especially as it is not coming from burning plastic.

To get rid of this smell, it is advisable to perform the burn-in procedure. If you are unsure how to do it, you can hire a professional cleaner to do it for you. If you experience a burning smell or smoke, then unplug your oven immediately! Because an oven is not supposed to emit smoke and burning smell but only a chemical smell.

Why does my new oven smell like gas?


Depending on the model of your oven, you may smell gas, among many other chemical smells, when you turn on your new oven for the first time.

It is normal to detect this odor, and a perfectly reasonable reason exists. Gas is being combusted in the burner, and when you turn on your oven for the first time, some of the gas may escape. If you keep the burner turned on for a few minutes, this smell will gradually disappear as it is meant to be.

Is it safe to cook in a brand new oven?


Before using your new oven, you should clean its insides properly. This is to remove any toxic chemicals that may contaminate your food. Some people also think you should throw away the food you warm up for the first time in the oven.

After you clean your oven, we recommend you do the “burn in” so that any lingering toxic fumes will disappear. After cleaning and burning in, your oven should be ready to perform like a regular oven and be entirely safe for use from then.

How long does it take for a new oven to stop smelling?

If you clean your oven and do the burn-in process, the smell should immediately be gone. If you are reluctant, however, that smell may stick around for a long time. And that is not healthy either!

The smell originates from chemicals and toxic fumes inside the oven interior, and using an oven with the smell may make your food contaminated with these substances!

Hence, you better make sure to clean your new oven before use.

How to get rid of the new oven smell?


It can linger for a long time if you do not do anything about the smell. If you want to remove the smell, you should begin cleaning it. As soon as you clean and burn in your new oven the awful smell of chemicals and toxins will be gone!

Initially, you should start cleaning the appliance with a damp cloth. This will remove any physical presence of chemicals in the oven’s interior. After that, ensure to heat up your oven at a high temperature of about 30 minutes.

If you get a plastic smell, check to make sure if you forgot to remove any plastic on the interior of the oven. After you finish this burn-in process, the new oven smell will be gone.

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q. Is it safe to use new oven right away?

It is not safe to use the oven right away. You need to clean the oven and do the burn-in process to eliminate many toxic smells and potential residue inside your oven. And it is always good to check out if your oven works completely fine and has no faults before you use it for regular cooking.

Q. Is it OK to smell gas from the oven?

The first time you turn your oven on, you may smell gas, which is normal. However, if you keep getting the smell, you should not operate the oven and get a repairer to check it out as the oven may have a gas leak.


It may be quite an exciting feeling to get a new appliance. However, you should always check it for any hazards before its use! Foods contaminated with the toxic residue in a new oven can be fatal for human health! Send them this article if you know someone who got a new oven recently!