Is la opala oven safe? (Complete Guide)

Do you happen to own a set of La Opala crockeries? Then you must be really happy with it, as they are one of the best brands for crockeries and kitchenwares.


They look amazing on your dinner table and make the whole presentation of a meal very appealing. But if you really think about it, a lot goes through these crockeries, and many things can damage them!

At that point, you may wonder, is the La Opala oven safe?

That really depends on what edition of crockeries you bought from La Opala. Still, you would be pleased to know most of La Opala items are oven safe! To learn more, read on!

What material is La Opala?

La Opala is India’s one of the first and most prominent makers of crockery and dinnerware. The company’s initial motivation was to make kitchenware and crockeries with opal glass.

 Opal glass first originated in France, so the Indian owners decided to call their product “La Opala.” The opal glass was Opaque, slightly see-through, and heat resistant. The company added bone ash to this opaque glass and made them look white.

This intricate material and its history have made La Opala very famous in a short time. And the people who bought and used them are delighted with them.

Is La Opala oven safe?

Initially, La Opala kitchenware was not oven-proof. Many of their items like dinner plates and bowls would be damaged if put inside ovens. But not to worry, the maker La Opala realized the demand for their oven-proof products and has delivered accordingly.

They now make many oven-proof kitchenware and dinnerware for their customers. The overall reception to this was very well. But they did not stop selling items that were not oven-proof.

Hence, if you wish to purchase some oven-proof La Opala, you have to check whether they are oven-proof. They have a vast selection of oven-proof items so that you can get any of your desired oven-proof kitchenware and dinnerware from them.

Can La Opala be used in a microwave oven?

Specific ranges of La Opala are safe to use in a microwave oven. But not all La Opala dinnerware and kitchen sets are microwave safe. You need to verify each one as microwave safe before you purchase them.

Other than microwave ovens, La Opala makes all sorts of kitchenware for different kinds of ovens and stoves. So, you may be confused with all the different types of stuff they made suited to other places in the kitchen.

So yes, La Opala makes kitchenware and dinner sets that can be used in microwave ovens.

Is La Opala dishwasher safe?

As mentioned, La Opala has many ranges of dinnerware and kitchenware available for you to purchase. And yes, they do indeed are dishwasher safe. You can safely use them in your dishwasher without breaking them.

And what’s even better is they are well to use with cleaning liquids and substances used in dishwashers. Despite these kitchenware and dinner sets looking very fancy, it is a great advantage that you can clean them with regular cleaning solutions.

Is La Opala a good brand?

La Opala is one of the leading brands of India in the opal ware industry. They started out as a small company, and their business was a niche one.

But now, it turned out to be an industry worth about 30 million dollars. Their products look amazing at the dinner table, and people have an excellent opinion about this brand.

If you look at history, you will see that La Opala has dominated the market for the last 25 years in India.

Now they are shipping their products overseas, which it has been a massive success. Branding aside, their products actually compete really well among their competitors. So it is a no-brainer to choose them if you are currently in the market to purchase new dinner sets or kitchenware.


La Opala is a fantastic brand of crockeries in the market. Undoubtedly, you would want to preserve your favorite crockeries for as long as possible. Making sure what your crockeries are capable of can help you prevent accidentally damaging them or ruining them.

So it is always wise to know the specifications of everything you buy. That would make you a clever shopper and a capable person in the kitchen. Oven-safe and microwave-safe items can be similar, not oven safe, so it is better to check before your purchase.

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