Is Kitchen Craft Cookware Oven Safe? [Quick Guide]

There are endless cookware options available in the market, making it difficult for us to choose. And Kitchen craft cookware has made it easier for us because of its fantastic features.

However, as it’s a substantial investment, your cookware needs to last longer, be easier to use, and be safer.

Besides this, people also look for cookware that can serve both in stoves and ovens. Thus, we end up questioning, is Kitchen craft cookware oven-safe?

No, Kitchen Craft cookware is more on the side of being unfit for ovens! One of the biggest reasons for that is their material that can’t withstand higher heat.

If you see Kitchen Craft’s handles, they are made of plastic. Also, they don’t use any oven proof material to make their cookware oven safe. You can use them in ovens up to 300° Fahrenheit temperature.

Why is Kitchen Craft Cookware Not Oven Safe?

Kitchen Craft Cookware is not oven safe.

Melting point initiates right after burning when you won’t pay heed to the temperature limitations. After exceeding 300° Fahrenheit, the Kitchen Craft cookware comes closer to the burning point.

Here, multiple molecules of your cookware will start to combine and release energy. The energy takes the form of light and heat, resulting from burning.

As heat is applied even further inside your oven, the molecules of your cookware start to move faster and faster. It causes the overall structure to loosen and turn from solid to liquid. In this way, your kitchen craft cookware melts under excessive heat settings.

And all these things happen with none but your kitchen craft cookware as they contain plastics! The flashpoint of plastics is way lesser compared to any metals. So they even tend to burn and catch fire inside your oven.

The specific heat capacity of plastics is 1.67 KJ, which is lower than metals. It takes less energy to raise the temperature of plastic materials in your cookware. As the internal energy rises too much, the intermolecular particles loosen up and cause melting.

So, it’s straightforward for your kitchen craft cookware, especially the handles, to melt inside ovens. So, if you are really using them for ranges, remember not to exceed 300° Fahrenheit.

Is kitchen craft waterless cookware any good?

Waterless cookware won’t do any good if you consider using them in ovens. But kitchen craft waterless cookware is undoubtedly one of the unique items for cooking foods without water.

Such cookware is mainly used for cooking vegetables, not sticky or fatty foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables themselves contain enough moisture. So they no longer need extra water to be boiled.

But in other types of cookware, the pan’s surface becomes too rough as the heat grows more and more. When heat absorbs the moisture from vegetables, they stick to the pan. But, such things are not seen when you use waterless kitchen craft cookware.

You can pour very little to no water on your kitchen craft waterless cookware and enjoy your delicious dishes in almost no time.

Also, vegetables tend to be cooked faster compared to fatty substances. And as you are cooking only vegetables on your waterless cookware, you can use them in the oven in this sense.

That is to say; you’ll be ready done with your cooking before any burning or melting of the cookware is considered. So, it is somewhat usable for ovens and can yield excellent results!

Kitchen craft cookware reviews.

We are putting a short comprehensive review so that you can make an informed decision before buying kitchen craft cookware. So let’s get started!


Previously, aluminum was used, but now, kitchen craft cookware use surgical-grade stainless steel. They are less reactive to food and provide a healthy outcome.

Knobs and lids:

The steam control knobs allow control of the amount of stream getting out of the saucepan. It gives an alarming whistle when the temperature needs to be lowered. Also, the lids are designed to provide vacuum sealing, which enables the creation of high pressure inside.

Retaining nutrients and healthier cooking methods:

High temperatures can kill your food’s nutrients. Kitchen craft waterless cookware allows your food to cook at low temperatures. Shorter cooking time is also enabled as a closed environment prevails with high pressure and stream-controlled feature.

Is Kitchen craft cookware dishwasher safe?

Yes! Kitchen Craft cookware comes with a top-notched quality that makes them dishwasher safe.

Kitchen crafts do not use any cheap quality paint or artificial layer of color over their materials. The color of the panhandles and the lid is natural. So there remains no risk of leeching off the paint when you put them in the dishwasher.

Also, the stainless metal pan, plastic handles, and lid are completely water and dishwasher-safe. It allows them to be cleaned or washed quickly and easily.

Is the country Kitchen cookware oven-safe?

Yes, country kitchen cookware is made of cast aluminum, which is oven safe. The easiest way to understand how cookware is oven safe is to look for the handle material.

Avoid plastic or silicone handles which will surely melt inside your oven. Country kitchen cookware is nonstick, which can tolerate higher heat without providing a rough surface for your food.

They can tolerate as much as 400° Fahrenheit, a standard scale for cooking almost any type of food perfectly.

Is granite cookware oven-safe?

Granite cookware is both oven and dishwasher-safe up to 500° Fahrenheit! They are also nonstick cookware which forces them to tolerate higher heat for the sake of this feature.

Remember, all nonstick cookware should be oven safe, without which they can’t be addressed as nonstick in the first place. Imagine if your granite cookware sticks food as high heat absorbs all the moisture. Then how will the scenario be?

It won’t make any sense. Granite cookware uses chemicals similar to Teflon, adding more to its heat-tolerating feature.

Are members marked cookware oven-safe?

Members mark cookware are usable in ovens about as hot as 350° Fahrenheit. They don’t use harmful or toxic elements, which is why they are relatively safe in ovens.

Before cooking food with members, mark cookware in ovens; one should heat the pan with lower or moderate settings. It distributes the heat evenly throughout the pan. Otherwise, the hot zone can occur, which may burn both your food and the pan.


As you have seen, there is even better oven-safe cookware than kitchen crafts. There are also many pros and cons related to them. All over, kitchen crafts are relatively usable in ovens, but you should not buy them if your only goal is to save your food and cookware from the range!