Is It Safe To Use Oven Without A Light Bulb? (Solid Evidences)

Does your oven light go out? Or did it just shatter and make a big mess? What can you even do when your oven light bulb malfunctions?

These are some of the questions you may have when facing the dilemma of having an oven with a broken light bulb.

But not to worry! In this article, we will answer the above questions and discuss if it is safe to use an oven without a light bulb,

Is it safe to use oven without a light bulb?


Yes, using the oven without a light bulb is entirely safe. It will, however, be a huge inconvenience to you. The light bulb inside the oven is there to ensure you can see if the food is ready without opening the door.

And this is very useful in situations like when you are baking a cake. If you open the oven door when the cake is not sufficiently baked, it will deform. You should replace your broken oven light bulb to avoid problems like this.

Can an oven work without a bulb?

The oven light bulb’s purpose is to ensure you can quickly check the food inside the oven. Without the bulb, the oven will still function as intended. But it will be much harder to see the food cooking inside.

Other than that, there should be no issues with using the oven. You should replace the broken lightbulb in your oven. They are readily available. But do make sure if it is compatible with your oven before you buy it.

Can an oven work without a bulb?

What happens when your oven light goes out?

If your oven light goes out without any apparent damage, then there will be no issues with the oven itself. It may happen due to the age of your oven, and the bulb has reached its full working limit.

A lightbulb that went out like this will not harm your oven. However, if you hear the sound of glass break as the lights go out, it is risky. Continuing to use the oven like that can damage the appliance further.

Does the oven light affect cooking?

It primarily does not affect cooking. The purpose of the oven light is to provide a steady temperature and light up the oven. Most oven bulbs operate at relatively low wattage. Due to this, it cannot provide strong enough heat to affect cooking.

But it still has its advantages. Constant oven lighting helps to stop the heat from going away. And if you are baking, the continuous heat provided by the light bulb helps the food to rise better.

Can leaving the oven light on cause a fire?


No, If you keep your oven lights on, it will not cause a fire. The amount of electricity the light bulb uses when it is on is very low.

So much so that it will cost you less than a cent to keep the oven light on for an hour. So you can rest easy and keep that oven light on with no worries. Keeping the oven light on can also keep the heat from escaping, which helps keep the oven efficient.

Light bulb in the oven exploded: What should I do?

  • Firstly, you should turn off the oven and let it cool.
  • After that, you should use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up all the glass shards inside the oven.
  • Use a flashlight if you are unsure if you vacuumed all the glass shards.
  • The remaining shreds will sparkle with the light of the flashlight, and you can vacuum them off. Wipe the oven after you are done vacuuming.
  • Then you should replace the broken bulb with a new oven bulb.

Where to buy oven light bulb?

Oven light bulbs are very easy to come by. If you live near a home depot, then that should be your primary destination to look for an oven light bulb. You will most definitely get oven light bulbs there.

But if your home depot does not have them for whatever reason, you can always order them online. Amazon and Aliexpress should have your required oven bulb.

Can you use a fridge bulb in an oven?

You can use a fridge bulb in the oven. But it is not ideal to do so. Bulbs made for fridges are designed to get very cold. But there is no way of knowing whether it can handle high heat or not. You will be better off getting a light bulb that is designed to be made for Ovens.


The oven light is a very much-needed feature in today’s oven. It not only helps the oven maintain efficiency but also helps in baking. You should consider fixing broken oven light bulbs or replacing the faulty ones.