Is Glass Snapware Oven Safe? (Tested by Editor’s)

Are you in the market for some new glassware? Then you must be confused with so many brands to choose from. You may be concerned if they are reliable and safe to use. Especially in the oven, as not all glassware is safe.


We are here today to look at one such brand: Snapware. And we will discuss if the glass Snapware oven is safe or not!

Is the glass Snapware oven safe?

Whether Snapware is safe for your oven depends on what kind of oven you have. Do you have a conventional or convection oven? If so, it is not safe to put Snapware in it.

If you have a microwave oven, then you can safely use Snapware. But is it better if you still do not use them in the oven because Snapware is not guaranteed to be safely used inside the oven.

You can use the pyrex glass Snapware in the oven. This is because pyrex glass is safe to use in the oven.

Is Snapware the same as Pyrex?


Snapware is a brand of plastic and glass containers. It is owned and distributed by the company Corelle Brands. These plastic and glass containers are of high quality and ensure reliability. The origin of this brand was in the USA back in 1999. Snapware glass items use Pyrex to make them usable in the oven.

Pyrex is a brand of glassware introduced by corning inc. in 1915. This low thermal expansion glass was used in kitchenwares and laboratories. But eventually, their uses spread out to many other products.

Hence, Snapware is not the same as Pyrex.

Are Snapware lids oven safe?

Snapware lids are not oven safe. They are not made of Pyrex or any other glass which can withstand high heat. They will break or disfigure if you put them in the oven.

However, not all ovens are unsafe. You can use Snapware lids in a microwave oven. But it is better to have oven-compatible glassware and kitchenware if you have anything other than a microwave. Pyrex glassware is often recommended for this purpose. It is safer to use in the oven.

Pyrex Freshlock vs. Snapware: Which one is better?


Pyrex Freshlock and Snapware are both producers of containers for storing food and other miscellaneous stuff. Both are quite famous and widely used. Snapware provides a solid selection of containers and glassware, but not all of them are safe to use in the oven.

Pyrex Freshlock glassware and containers are made of pyrex glass which can be used in any oven. And they also have a good selection of glassware and containers. Hence, if you are looking to get containers but are worried if they are oven compatible, you should consider the Pyrex Freshlock.


In the end, Snapware is not half bad of a brand. But if you want something that is useable in the oven, you must make sure to purchase their pyrex items. If this article helped you, then make sure to share it with others!