Is Emile Henry’s oven safe? (Detailed Guide!)

Emile Henry is a fantastic brand of crockeries hailing from France. They are known to make durable and versatile products that are amazing to use in the kitchen.

Is-Emile Henry’s oven-safe

Naturally, you would consider getting them for yourself when you hear how good the brand is. But if you are heavily into baking, you can wonder; Is Emile Henry’s oven safe?

You would be glad to know they are safe to use in the oven. Read on to learn more about this excellent brand.

Is Emile Henry a good brand?

Emile Henry is a renowned brand. It is a family-owned brand from France that makes fine ceramic cookware. It was founded by Jacques henry in mid 19th century, and it is still a family-owned business. Their most well-known product is the chip-resistant Dutch oven. 

Besides that, the ceramic cookware produced by Emile henry is very well known. Their old-fashioned country design brings out nostalgia among many Europeans and Americans today.

Are all Emile Henry ovens safe?

Yes. According to their website, all Emile Henry products can be used inside the oven. But they also instruct you not to bake dry. You should make sure to pour some sauce or liquid before you stick it in the oven for baking and roasting. 

Another thing to remember is that after you are done baking or roasting, do not place the hot dish on any cold surface. That may hamper the structural integrity of the oven. Once you keep these points in mind, you can use Emile Henry cookware in any oven without worries. 

Can Emile Henry go from refrigerator to oven?

Yes. All Emile Henry products are durably made, so they can be taken directly from the freezer to the oven. This is excellent if you want to reheat something frozen. This is possible because Emile Henry’s products are all shock-resistant. The sudden temperature difference will not degrade the durability of the crockeries.

Thanks to this, fewer dishes will be washed once you are done cooking. And with the excellent heat retention of Emile Henry crockery, it is also a perfect choice to use in the oven. So yes, Emile Henry crockeries can go from the refrigerator to the oven.

Is Emile Henry bakeware non-toxic?

All Emile Henry bakeware is non-toxic. Their ceramic bakeware is marketed as cadmium, nickel, and lead-free. The company ensures that all its crockeries follow current safety standards set by the FDA. Hence, they guarantee non-toxic cooking. It is safe even when you use it in the oven with the highest settings.

This non-toxicity is because all Emile Henry crockeries are made of clay. Clay is one of the least harmful substances around. So, if you are looking for non-toxic bakeware, Emile Henry should be on your shopping list.

Can Emile Henry go in the microwave?

Can-Emile-Henry-go-in the microwave

All Emile Henry products can safely go in the microwave oven. Since most Emile Henry products are made of clay, they have incredible heat retention. So, when you heat it in the microwave, the dish remains hot for a very long time.

So, depending on what you are cooking, this can be a great advantage. Make sure you use your oven mitts to take the dish out! And despite the heat retention, they can go from a freezer to an oven without any issues.

Can Emile Henry go on the stovetop?

You can use many Emile Henry products on the stove. The crockeries of Emile Henry, which are safe to use on stovetops, are marked with a flame symbol on the bottom of each piece. These items can safely be used without the fear of breaking or cracking.

You can even use them in the microwave and a broiler. They can be heated up to very high temperatures. If you place them on a stovetop or a broiler, they can safely reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit. With a heat capacity like that, you can bet that Emile Henry is safe to use on stovetops.


As you have read so far, you know that Emile Henry crockeries are very safe to use in the oven. They provide fantastic durability along with being affordable.

While it may not have as many options as the rival companies, the brand’s originality makes it a compelling choice. Their high-quality ceramics made of burgundy clay from France are something you should put on your wish list.

This entire article showcases many reasons to consider them. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and family!