Is Convection Oven Good for Baking? How do I use it? 

There are many different types of ovens on the market. Convection ovens are one of the most selling products used for professional purposes. 


Today, I would like to talk about the convection oven as many people are curious to know whether the convection oven is suitable for baking or not. This article is mainly designed on the convection oven’s features and the differences between the conventional oven and convection. 

The convective oven is one of the most selling products in the market. It is perfect for baking and roasting. And it provides perfect textures and cooks faster than other types of ovens. 

Is a Convection Oven Good for Baking? 

Yes, a convection oven is suitable for baking. You can use this oven for cooking everything you want, maintaining the proper temperatures. This machine is operated by circulating the fans that make brown perfectly and best cooking results. 

Do Professional Bakers use Convection Ovens?


Yes, professional bakers use convection ovens most widely used because they can save 25%  cooking time and give proper textures, colors, and tastes. The convection setting is excellent if you want brown, crispy, and crusty textures. 

What are the Differences Between Convection and Conventional Ovens? 

Many people might think that convection and conventional ovens are the same. The similarity between these two is: Both cooking appliances can be heated with gas or electricity. But if you study them, you will find the differences between the convection and conventional oven. 

The main difference between the convection and conventional oven, you will find, is the heating distribution. 

Convection Oven:

The heat distribution of the convection oven is quite different from conventional or regular ovens. It uses a fan to circulate the warm air surrounding the ranges.

Conventional Oven:

The heat distribution of the traditional or regular oven is simple and does not use a fan to circulate the air. The heating distribution of a conventional and normal range is stationary. 

Another difference is the cooking period:

  • A convection oven cooks faster than a conventional oven because the temperature remains constant. 
  • Convection oven is perfect if you want your food to be crispy, crusty, and brown. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Convection and conventional ovens? 

Every cooking appliance has some advantages and disadvantages. It is common to see these types of problems. But before buying, you should consider the instruments you are looking for. That’s why it is our job to look at the features of the ovens carefully. 

Convection Oven:

  • The convection oven reduces cooking time by 25% and gives brown, crispy, and crusty textures.
  • No flavor transfer, and you can cook all types of food in the convection oven
  • The price of this is relatively high
  • It is not suitable for making the cake because it makes the cake too brown and does not make it moist from the inside.
  • There is a chance of food getting burned if you do not set up the correct temperatures

Conventional Oven:

  • The price of the traditional oven is relatively lower comed to a convection oven
  • It generally cooks slower than the convection oven

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. My convection oven takes longer to bake: What should you do?

Convection oven generally cooks 25 to 30 minutes faster than other range types. However, sometimes some problems or not following the correct method can make the convection oven take longer to bake.

  • If the convection oven is designed to have hidden heating elements, these ovens may take time to cook compared to other types of ovens
  • And if the temperature sensor is not working correctly, the convection oven may be unable to heat the food. 

Q. Can you cook meat in a convection oven?

Yes, you can cook meat in a convection oven. As meat is raw material, it needs high heat to cook from inside perfectly. Meat can cook in a convection oven faster than in a conventional oven. It keeps the inside of the meat moist and outside layers crispy, crunchy and perfect browning. 


All types of ovens are helpful in many ways. However, many professional people use conventional ovens because it helps to cook food perfectly and save cooking time and energy. In our previous articles, I wrote many articles related to cooking appliances and different kinds of ovens with different styles, sizes, and unique features. If you have any questions regarding any topics, feel free to ask us. To know more, be with us!