Nobody Told You About Is Aeternum Cookware Oven-Safe?

Nowadays, almost all cookware companies like to advertise their products as oven safe because people want to switch from stoves to modern ovens.

Also, if you have owned your cookware for long enough that you no longer have the manufacturer’s guide or box, it’s a problem. Under all these conditions, it becomes challenging to identify whether they are oven-safe or not.

After purchasing the best oven for you that you have learned from our previous oven-buying guide, you may now think, is your Aeternum cookware oven-safe?


If you already got Aeternum skillets for your stove, you are lucky to use them for your oven. Aeternum comes with oven-safe symbols, is made of whole body metal, withstand high temperatures, and doesn’t radiate heat. Under certain temperatures, Aeternum will work wonder for any oven

This is the second part of our complete oven guide that will teach you to use the oven like a pro in your daily life.

So, let’s get started.

Is Aeternum cookware oven-safe?

Aeternum cookware is oven safe due to several factors. The very first thing to consider as oven safe is the symbol. Although no such fixed symbol is yet made official for oven-safe indications, there are other ways.

Aeternum comes with a series of icons that shows the type of burners under which Aeternum skillets are safe. They also show maximum temperature signs until which the cookware can tolerate it. It is a quick way to confirm that your Aeternum cookware is oven safe.  

Secondly, Aeternum is a perfect brand, as they are known for what they claim. So, if they advertise their cookware to be oven safe, they are!

Not only this, but Aeternum non-stick cookware is also oven safe, whereas most of the available non-stick cookware contains PTFE. It is such a chemical used to make them non-sticky. But, the opposing sides of it are only noticed when they go through extreme conditions like an oven.

PTFE decomposes and mixes with food that, creates a toxic condition. But Aeternum non-stick pans do not contain PTFE or other chemicals, making them completely oven safe.

What materials are oven-safe Aeternum cookware made of?

If you still have doubts about Aeternum skillets, then this is what you need right now. That said, it is crucial to know what material Aeternum is made of. The coating material of the pan should be identified. The things used in making handles should also be known. Along with these, the lid should also be oven protected.

All of these components play an equal role in determining the safety factor of your skillets. Before all, we want to inform you that no skillets with silicone, wood, or plastic handles can be oven safe.

Aeternum skillets are entirely made out of metals with mixtures of no other components that catch fire. The best ingredients for oven-safe skillets are stainless still, cast iron, and aluminum.

The raw material of Aeternum is heavy aluminum. It even distributes heat to cook your food and thus does not run the risk of damage. No particular portion of Aeternum skillets can become overheated, leached out, or burned.

The lids are the least safe portion, which also comes oven-proof in Aeternum. For lower-budget Aeternum cookware, consider not placing the top inside your oven.

The coating is also made of aluminum, avoiding chemicals leaching with food and ultimate hazards like fire. Handles are well designed with heavy aluminum that doesn’t radiate heat to your hands.

What is the oven-safe temperature of Aeternum cookware?

Despite being oven safe, no such thing exists that is entirely resistant to heat and fire. That means Aeternum cookware can also damage if the recommended temperature scale is exceeded.

The melting point of Aeternum oven-safe cookware is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, everyday cookware can only tolerate heat up to 300-350 degrees.

We usually cook with temperatures ranging from 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. So, Aeternum cookware can easily be managed as an unsafe medium for cooking. But, most of the time, the problem is with their lids.

Lids do good in low temperatures, but when they come in contact with higher heat, they can melt or even burn. The worst nightmare is with glasses that can shatter into your food while cooking.

Also, solid glasses absorb very high temperatures and then crack or shatter when they cool down. So, it would help if you were careful with the temperature setting. If you mess up, no oven-safe skillet can save your food.

Is Aeternum cookware freezer safe?

It’s not good to use cookware as containers for freezing. But, still, they need to be freezer safe for some reasons.

Aeternum cookware is freezer safe as well due to those exact reasons. A chemical reaction occurs within the bond structure of skillets when they freeze below -40 degrees Celsius or less. It weakens the molecular bond of the external solid coatings.

When the frozen skillet is suddenly brought under extreme heat, the immediate disorder results in cracking or peeling out of the coatings.

So, to be oven safe, your cookware should also be freezer safe; that makes Aeternum the same.


To cook food safely best oven-safe cookware and items are also needed, along with a good oven. If the skillets are problematic, then the world’s best range can protect them from hazards.

So, the right combination is crucial that we have tried to inject into our brain through some of the best resources possible!