Is a Self-Cleaning Oven Safe for Babies?

Keeping the oven clean is one of the most important things to do because we use it daily. If you are not aware of keeping the oven clean, you should at least set a self-cleaning function in the range.


Today, I would like to talk about the self-cleaning oven as many people are interested to know whether a self-cleaning oven is safe for babies or not. A self-cleaning oven has both advantages and disadvantages. So it would help if you were careful while setting this function. 

A self-cleaning oven can be dangerous for babies when it is burning. When the oven is in Self-Cleaning mode, the front parts of the range become very hot, so you should never keep babies alone while cleaning. 

What is a Self-Cleaning Oven?

A self-cleaning oven is a process that applies high temperatures to eliminate unwanted products by burning without using any chemical products—the temperature you need to apply. In contrast,e self-cleaning is 932 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven. The self-cleaning oven is also known as pyrolytic cleaning.

Is a self-cleaning oven safe for babies? 

Babies are fragile creatures who become sick if they are not adequately cared for. That’s why we need to be very aware of a self-cleaning oven as it can cause some problems for the health of babies.

Now, let’s see what problems can occur during a self-cleaning oven. 

  • Lung diseases
  • Production of  carbon monoxide 

Lung diseases:

Self-cleaning ovens can cause different types of conditions that are associated with the lungs. We know that babies generally have smaller lungs than adults.

For this reason, the harmful gases produced during a self-cleaning oven can enter the lungs and may damage the internal parts of the lungs. When the self-cleaning mode is on, carbon monoxide is produced that gets mixed with the blood.

As we can not see gases, we can stop the diffusion of the gases. That’s why we must be cautious while setting up a self-cleaning oven. It’s not only for babies with weak lungs; they should be aware before you set up a self-cleaning oven. If you do this daily, you may suffer from diseases like asthma and pneumonia. 

Production of carbon monoxide:

Carbon monoxide is one of the harmful gases that combine with oxygen effortlessly. When carbon monoxide is added to the blood, it reduces the flow of blood, which means the amount of oxygen in our body.

For this reason, it causes various harmful diseases and difficulty breathing. When a high temperature is applied to the oven during self-cleaning, it produces toxic gases that can weaken babies’ lungs and navy with dangerous gases. 


The self-cleaning method saves our cleaning time, but if you have babies and pets at home, it is better to avoid a self-cleaning oven. Avoiding a self-cleaning oven can be an excellent idea if you want your babies to be fit as a fiddle.

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