How to Descale a Miele Steam Oven? [Detailed Guide]

The Miele steam oven meets all of your culinary needs. Its functions demonstrate versatility by combining moist and hot air to provide impressive baking and roasting outcomes. The gadgets are frequently included in the standard equipment of modern kitchens.


Like any other metallic appliance, limescale tends to build up within. Descaling is an essential element of appropriate maintenance since it increases the appliance’s life and enhances the food quality. Food safety is ensured if the procedure is carried out appropriately and a rinse process is initiated.

When it comes to cleaning a Miele steam oven, it can be done using Miele descaling tablets and liquid Descaler. Descaling is a cleaning procedure that eliminates unpleasant surface deposits from metals to give a smooth surface finish. 

What Can I use to Descale my Steam Oven?

To descale your steam oven, you can use a variety of items. Baking soda, white vinegar, and bicarbonate soda are three of the most common home items you can use, or you can use Industrial cleaners such as descaling tablets and liquid Descaler.


Both approaches are practical and efficient. However, using household products will need more effort to clean your steam oven. Industrial cleaners such as descaling tablets made by Miele are exclusive citric acid-based sanitizing agents.

The tablets are created mainly for the descaling procedures of Miele appliances. Grease, starch, and protein residues are efficiently removed from the whole interior of the machine using the liquid Descaler. It’s usually created with acidic substances like hydrochloric acid to produce carbon dioxide gas and soluble salt.

How to Descale a Miele Steam Oven with Liquid Descaler:

1. To prepare a descaling solution, combine 400mL water and 200mL Liquid Descaler.

2. Take out the water tank and fill it with the descaling solution.

3. Carefully push the water tank back in once the descaling solution has been put into it.

4. Turn on the appliance and shut the control panel.

5. Press and hold the Home button while selecting the Descale option.

6. Now that the time of the descaling procedure has been presented, hit the start button to descale the appliance. 

After the descaling process has been completed, open the control panel, remove the water tank, rinse it, fill it with water, and reinstall it. To start the appliance’s rinsing process, press the start button. Repeat the rinsing procedure once more. Then the water tank should be emptied and dried out. The machine is now thoroughly cleaned and ready to use. 

How to Descale a Miele Steam Oven with Descaling Tablets 

It’s essential to describe your Miele steam oven regularly to keep it running well. The unit will give you a heads-up before descaling is needed. This allows the machine to be used ten times before descaling has to take place. Manual descaling is initiated by following the operating instructions. Choose to descale and follow the on-screen directions.

  1. Prepare the descaling solution in the water tank by dissolving a descaling tablet in one liter of fresh water. 
  2. Empty the water tank when the signal sounds, rinse it out and fill it again with fresh water. 
  3. Put the tank back in place and wait for another 10 minutes before descaling is complete. 
  4. Wipe out the cabinet’s interior, dispose of the content of the water tank and let it out for drying. 
  5. The steam oven is once again ready for use. 

How long Does it take to Descale a Miele Steam Oven?

If only one rinse cycle is required, descaling takes roughly 45 minutes. The descaling solution took approximately 22 minutes to clean the oven. The rinsing operation takes up the remainder of the time. The descaling procedure might take up to 30 minutes, depending on the number of repeated rinses.

It is not mandatory to rinse the unit outside the descale program’s recommendations.

However, it is done by beginning a new descale cycle. If the unit detects that more rinse cycles are required, the time required will rise. If a second rinse is necessary, the descaling treatment will run roughly 70-95 minutes.

How Many Tablets Does it take to Descale a Miele Steam Oven?


Miele Descaling Tablets include a special Miele recipe that has been fine-tuned. After descaling, each tablet removes all deposits and limescale completely, leaving no chemical trace.

It was created to provide effective cleaning and mild descaling for the best possible care of your Miele appliances. Dissolving 1 Miele descaling tablet in 1 liter of fresh water is enough for the procedure.

How Often Should I Descale my Steam Oven?

Lime deposits are a natural byproduct of steam production and will gradually accumulate inside the boiler and water lines of the unit.

Depending on water hardness and usage, the device is descaled every 6-18 months to remove this lime deposit. Descaling the device more regularly will not hurt it. You may only need to clean your oven 1-2 times a year if you make occasional cakes or simmer veggies.

Cleaning will be considerably more often if you cook a regular Sunday roast or twice-weekly sourdough bread.

What are the Common Miele Steam oven Descaling Problems?

There is a chance that the appliance can get damaged. We recommend using the tried and true Descaling solution for the descaling program. This is because the devices determine the amount of time the Descaler is left to operate.

Other descalers may cause the machine to break down. Allowing the descaling solution to touch the appliance’s control panel or other surfaces may cause harm. If this happens, flush the descaling solution with water right away.

If you conducted a steam-assisted operation just before descaling, ensure the appliance is turned off and the remaining water is pushed out of the evaporator system.

Can I Descale a Steam Oven with Vinegar?

Several home remedies are used to descale steam ovens. The steamer is frequently descaled using vinegar or diluted citric acid. However, do it at your own risk because such home remedies might harm the device’s hoses or rubber seals if the manufacturer does not explicitly approve them.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). If your machine has a self-clean steaming option, use that instead. Choose a suitable container to use in the oven. A shallow-bottomed big bowl, dish, or pan.

The steam should billow all over the oven. Place it on the top shelf. To make the vinegar and water mixture, combine one part vinegar and one part water in a mixing bowl. If your oven is in bad shape, you may replace it with pure vinegar.

Fill the container halfway with your vinegar solution. Don’t overdo it because removing it afterward will be difficult if it’s filled to the brim. Allow the vinegar to work its magic while keeping the oven on.

Let it steam for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of one hour of steaming time. Keep checking regularly. Switch off the oven when you see all the liquid in the container has evaporated.

Allow the oven to cool before cleaning it. After the oven has cooled, open it and wipe it off with a scrubby sponge. For harder filth, use a plastic spatula tool. If you wait too long, the debris won’t remove as readily. 

Why is my Miele Steam Oven Not Draining?

If the drain is clogged, a malfunction might occur. Before each program, double-check that the drain filter is installed correctly since extensive food remains might plug the drain. After each usage, the drain filter in the oven’s floor should be cleaned and dried.

Vinegar is usually used to clean the filter in the oven’s floor of discoloration and limescale deposits. To eliminate any remaining cleaning chemicals, rinse well with clean water. The drainage trap must not be higher than the appliance’s drain hose connection point. This guarantees that the water may drain fully after a program.


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