How much electricity does a gas oven use? A Complete Guide!

When using a gas oven, it is essential to know how much electricity it uses daily. Operating the devices without knowing the electricity required for running an oven would not be easy. 


Today, I would like to talk about the relationship between electricity and a gas oven, as many people are interested to know how much electricity a gas oven should use.

This article will help you to know some of the uses of different gases and the difference between the cost of gas and stove. 

A gas oven uses 12 megajoules of energy in an hour. It depends on how much you use a gas oven for cooking. 

How much electricity does a gas oven use?

The average energy generally used by a gas oven is around 12 megajoules in an hour. 

Does a gas oven use a lot of energy? 

A gas oven uses 1200 watts of electricity. It depends on the size of the cooking appliances. The bigger the machine is, the more energy will be consumed.

Small cooking appliances generally require 1200 watts of power; if you use a medium-sized burner, it will consume 1500 to 1800 watts. If you are using the bigger one, it may consume 3000 watts. 

How much electricity does a gas oven use per hour? 

A gas oven uses 12 megajoules of gas in one hour. It depends on how frequently you cook and what type and size of the cooking appliances you use.  

How much electricity does a natural gas oven use?

The natural gas oven is one of the most common ovens used by many people. The power of 1200 watts of a natural gas oven generally uses electricity. 

How many amps does a gas convection oven use?


Convection ovens use very little electricity. The convection oven generally consumes 50 to 60 amps.

How much electricity does an electric stove use per month?

It depends on how much you use your stove for cooking. An election stove uses electricity between  2000 to 5000 watts per month.

Is it cheaper to use a gas or electric oven: gas stove vs. electric stove monthly cost?

Running the gas stove is cheaper than the electric oven. For a gas stove, you need to pay $7. On the other hand, you need to pay $10.95 to run the electric stove every month. Some municipalities may charge more depending on the areas you live. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Do gas stoves use 110 or 220?

Gas stoves use standard 110-volt receptacles. And 220-volt containers are used by electric stoves. 

Q. How much does it cost to run a gas oven for 1 hour in the range?

To run a gas oven for 1 hour in the range, you need to pay 10 to 23 cents depending on how much you use it for cooking. For different types of fields, the cooking times may vary. So the cost of running the stove may increase. 


The gas stove is one of many people’s most common stoves. For this reason, knowing the basic information about the cooking stove is a must. If you have any questions regarding any topics, feel free to ask us. To learn more, join us!