How Can You Tell a Fake Le Creuset? You Should Know!

Many materials are used for cookware sets. Suppose you are searching for high-quality materials for Le Creuset. As there are numerous brands and designs of cookware sets in the market, you might get confused with the quality of the cookware sets.


Finding the difference between real and fake Le Creuset can be tricky if you do not know about cookware sets’ materials and other features. Since you are confused about this, I will tell you how you can understand if a Le Creuset is fake.

To check whether Le Creuset is fake, first, you need to check the rim of the Crueset pot and lid. If the ovens, banks, or tops are affected, you will see extra layers of cast iron on the surface of the fake Le Creuset. Another thing you should do is check the names of the brand, digits on the back parts of the pots, and their packaging.

How will you know that a Le Creuset is fake?

If you want to know more about this, you can get some ideas from here—the things you should observe to understand whether a Le Creuset is fake.

●   Price is too cheap

●   No proper enamel layers

●   No warranty if it is fake

Cheap price range: 

The price of Le Creuset cookware is relatively high because of its quality. The materials used to make these cookware sets are excellent; professionals generally cost $250 to $350, depending on the size of the pots.

But if it is fake, it will only cost $40 to $60, which is one of the easiest ways to recognize whether it is accurate. Many customers think they are getting authentic products at a low cost, but they buy fake products.

No proper enamel layers:

Authentic Le Creuset is coated with three layers of enamel to give it a good shape and design. Therefore, it can last for a long time.

However, the fake Le Creuset has only layers of enamel paint which is less bulky than the original one. If it is adequately coated with enamel, it will start to cause rust, and colors will fade after washing.

And another thing you can see is that the colors of the original and fake Le Creuset are not similar. If you are looking for a real one, your job is to check the products before you buy.

No warranty:  

Real Le Creuset can last for a long time and has a warranty. But if you buy a fake Le Creuset at a low price, you will never get a confirmation.

Do all Le Creuset have the Diamond mark?

Many people think that all Le Creuset has the Diamond mark. But all Le Creuset does not have the

Diamond mark. If it is marked as “France ”, it will have the Diamond mark of the Le Creuset.

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What are the marks you will find in the real Le Creuset?

People often make mistakes when differentiating fake and natural products. Knowing some features of the real Le Creuset is a brilliant idea. Some of the marks that you will find in an authentic Le Creuset are:

  • First, check the brand’s name on the bottom parts of the pan or pot.
  • Secondly, you have to find the mark of the size that will have two digits of the number on the bank.
  • The last thing you should do is to check where it is made from. Le Creuset was initially created in France. If it is accurate, it will be marked as France.


You must make sure before you buy cookware sets. In markets, fake and real Le Creuset is available. It is a wise idea to check the quality of the products.