Does Nutella burn in the oven? (Tested)

Usually, Nutella does not need to be cooked. Perhaps it can be used in many recipes. Before using this in the dishes, you would have thought, is Nutella possibly burns in the oven?

Yes, Nutella can burn in the oven if you overheat. When the water content of Nutella evaporates, it starts to burn under heat. It can change its taste due to overheating.

What is Nutella?

Nutella is a reputed food industry; it sells sweet hazelnut cocoa spread named Nutella. Usually, Nutella is used with bread, toast, pancake, or tortilla. To enjoy Nutella, you need to spread Nutella on your bread with a butter knife.

The primary ingredients of Nutella are palm oil, sugar, hazelnut, milk, and chocolate. Therefore, different manufacturing countries use different ingredients. Nutella is famous all over the world.

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Can you put Nutella in the oven?

We know that all food items can burn in the oven due to extensive heat so does Nutella. People who are experienced in cooking never burn Nutella in the oven although.

Nutella is a gooey and sticky type of food. Most people prefer to eat it raw, but sometimes it is used in various baking like cake, biscuit, or pie. If you use too much Nutella in your cookie, then it can burn.

Because cookies need at least 350° Fahrenheit oven temperature to bake, Nutella can burn to such high temperatures within ten minutes. Now you cannot reduce temperature.

Otherwise, cookies can be undercooked. So it is better to reduce Nutella usage in the cookie. Burnt Nutella can alter the taste and flavor as well.

Can you melt Nutella in the microwave?

It is effortless to melt Nutella in the microwave. When you need to melt a minimal amount of Nutella, such as one to three teaspoons, I wouldn’t suggest you melt it in the microwave. But still, if there is no other option, then never heat them for twenty to thirty seconds in a microwave.

When you take a small amount of Nutella to melt in the microwave, the water content of Nutella easily evaporates, and the oil starts to break down. So the texture will change, and that is not desirable.

However, in the case of that little amount, it is better to melt it in hot water. To conduct this hot water method, you need hot water. The water shouldn’t be beyond boiling temperature. And then, hold Nutella with a thin layered holder on the hot water. It will melt within a minute.

Can I bake with Nutella?

Baking with Nutella is not a bad idea, either. If you are a lover of cocoa-hazelnut flavor, you can bake with it. It is not an extra hustle; mix Nutella as a cooking ingredient in your cake, pancake, pudding, cookies, or pies.

These simple steps can help you to bake a sweet Nutella-flavored cake.

Ingredients for cake: Four eggs, sugar ¾ cup butter 50gm, all-purpose flour one cup, baking powder one teaspoon, cocoa powder one tablespoon, Nutella two tablespoons, milk 1/3 cup, and salt by taste.

Step 1: First, make foam by whipping eggs, sugar, and butter, and then mix all ingredients gently.

Step 2: Take an ovenproof large baking dish, and mold the baking surface with butter paper or parchment paper. Then set the batter in the baking dish. Place them into a 350° Fahrenheit preheated oven for twenty to thirty minutes.

Spontaneously keep checking when it reaches the end point of cooking. For checking, use a fresh toothpick. If that toothpick comes out clean, that means your cake is ready.

Final thought

Nutella is a versatile food item. You can enjoy them fresh or by baking them with any bakery goods. To use them as bakery goods, you need to melt them first. You can put Nutella in the oven for a little melting, baking, or warming. But remember, it can burn at extreme temperatures. So take it out immediately from the oven when it is done.