Does Maple Syrup Burn In The Oven? (Chef Tips)

Maple syrup is a sweet, heavenly-smelled natural sweetener and a wonderful alteration of artificial sweeteners. A high amount of bioactive compounds with antioxidant potential are present in maple syrup.


You can enjoy many dishes with maple syrup. It is possible to cook foods or bake with maple syrup in the oven. But have you considered cooking dishes with maple syrup?

Then no wonder you must be thinking, does maple syrup burn in the oven? Maple syrup does not burn in the oven unless you heat them for a long time under high temperatures. Reducing temperature is about 25°F preferred for cooking with maple syrup in the oven.

What is maple syrup?

Maple syrup is a clear-concentrated liquid form of maple sap. Primarily it is composed of water, sucrose, Monosaccharide glucose, and fructose of maple sap. Syrup produces by an under-controlled boiling process. So, this is a natural source of sweetener.


It has excellent nutritional and economic value. The energy production of maple syrup is 260 Kcal per 100gm. And it consists of 32% of water and 67% carbohydrates. Even though, they are not very heat sensitive. But changes can occur under high heat.

Does maple syrup burn in the oven?

No wonder you can heat your maple syrup in the oven without burning it. Maple syrup can burn in the oven if you overheat.

Maple syrup contains 32.4gm of water per 100gm; by heating, moisture can evaporate and make it more concentrated. As a result, it can burn due to prolonged heating. To avoid burning, the oven temperature should be decreased by 25°F; if it turns slightly brown, stop heating quickly.

Can you cook maple syrup in the oven?

Yes, you can cook maple syrup in the oven. Heating up in the oven of maple syrup for preservation purposes is very convenient. Sometimes bacteria and molds can grow if you don’t preserve them; high heat can slow down bacterial growth. So, boiling a little bit is preferred. But please don’t overheat; it can burn out.

Making various dishes with maple syrup is so effortless under the oven. The dishes like sweet garlic chicken, and low to medium cooked steak, baking is possible with maple syrup.

Marinate chicken with salt, black paper, garlic, chili flakes, tomato sauce, soy sauce, and maple syrup. Then put it into 350°F preheated oven for 40 to 50 minutes. And enjoy the sweet garlic chicken cooker with maple syrup.

What changes happen in maple syrup heating under microwave?

Microwaves are oven that produces heat from electromagnetic radiation and absorbs foods. They are not a health hazard but can change food properties.

While heating maple syrup for a prolonged time, carbohydrates (90% of which is sugar) in maple syrup can break down, and sugar can crystalize. As a result, burning is obvious due to prolonged high heat. But the good news is that it happens, only when you heat up above 350°F for 40 to 60 minutes.

Also, it is better not to heat maple syrup. It can be enjoyed by tossing it on top of any food.

Can you bake with maple syrup in a convection oven?


Baking with a convection oven is slightly more tricky than with a traditional electric oven. The exhausted fan of convection settings produces more heat than a traditional one. To avoid burning, 25°F to 30°F of temperature should reduce. And time reduction must have 10 to 12 minutes.

Backing with maple syrup is so effortless. Following the recipe or baking guidelines, you can bake almost everything with maple syrup. Cake, bread, pie, pudding, or cheesecake is called bake.

Point to be noted during baking with maple syrup in a convection oven, maple syrup is a little sweeter than sugar and has a lower glycemic index. So, it can make food a little soggy. Do not use too much maple syrup. I suggest putting off the convection mode during baking with maple syrup.


At what temperature does maple syrup burns?

At what temperature will maple syrup start burning? It depends on the quantity, time, and temperature. However, maple syrup boils at 219°F, and its sugar starts to burn above 350°F.

Does maple syrup melt during oven heating?

When you heat maple syrup in the oven for the first 5 seconds, it will melt very slightly. After that, it could form more concentrated by heating. But when you put maple syrup on top of your hot pancake, pudding, or muffin, it can melt a little bit.

Can maple syrup be used for grilling in the broiler?

Maple syrup can be used for grilling chicken, turkey, or lean meat in the broiler. But it is better not to use maple syrup at the beginning of cooking; maple syrup should add at the end of cooking.


Maple syrup is used for health benefits and can be used in dishes instead of sugar. No matter what heating medium you use, long-time heat can concentrate it more. It is mostly used for tossing, garnishing, and spared top on cake, pudding, and custard. It also can be used for sweetening whipped cream.