Does clay burn in the oven? Read These Tips

Clay is famed as a raw material of ceramic. But there is various exercise of clay. Different types of clay conduct other uses. If there is any consideration for making something with clay, first, you need to heat the clay.

Before heating clay, a concern might hit your mind, is there any possibility of the burning of clay in the oven?

Raw clay can crack before its burns in the oven. However, clay does not burn in the oven unless they go through extensive heat. Usually, some processed clay can burn between 570°Fahrenheit and to 1470°Fahrenheit.

Can I put clay in the oven?

Clay can be put in the oven, and there is no offense. But the oven temperature should remain controlled, whereas raw clay is likely to crack under excessive heat.

However, the heat resistance of clay varies with the types of processing. The recommended oven temperature of raw clay is between 200°Fahrenheit to 250°Fahrenheit. But if you want to use it for cooking purposes, ensure the clay pot is ovenproof.

Is it safe to heat polymer clay in a kitchen oven?

There is nothing such curtail effects of heat on polymer clay. Polymer clay is usually intended by the polymer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and a liquid plasticizer.

Polymer clay does not melt in the oven by heating. However, the recommendation is not to heat it to 225°Fahrenheit to 275°Fahrenheit. Polymer clays tend to crack by heating and also allow burning in overheating.

How does heat affect clay?

The primary effect of heat on clay is it turns harder by heat. And then it will change color and furthermore, can develop cracks because of shrinkage, mass loss, strength loss, hardness, and deformation. Some properties, like polycarboxylate, can enhance the tolerance of clay.

Typically, Aluminum oxide, silicone, earthenware, stoneware, and sometimes iron are also diluted into clay to make them high-heat retired. That can helps to enhance the heat tolerance up to 600°Fahrenheit and more.

Can I cook with a clay pot in the oven?

A clay pot is a dinnerware or kitchenware, also renowned as pottery. They are designed to use cook and serve food. Some of them are ovenproof, and some are not. So, in terms of oven usage, you can put those ovenproof clay pots in the oven. Typically oven safe clay pots are safe to cook at most 450°Fahrenheit. Thus it is safe to cook in an oven.

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Does clay pot burn in the oven?

Clay pots are made of Kaolinite, a clay mineral with a 1:1 unchanged dioctahedral layer structure, and primarily consists of 40% aluminum oxide, 46% silicone oxide, 14%water. Then other elements are added to the glaze and enhance heat tolerance. So, typically the characteristics of a clay pot do not tend to burn.

Moreover, clay pot is specially designed for cooking in the oven. Still, they can break in the oven due to excessive heat and rough handling.

How to prevent the cracking of clay in the oven?

It is possible to avoid the cracking of clay in the oven. All clay doesn’t crack on shallow heat. Processed clay has exquisite heat resistance. But when it comes to raw or polymer clay, you might follow these tips to sort out the cracking issue.

  • Do not heat up more than 250°Fahrenheit
  • Try to cover the clay with kitchen foil or parchment paper while heating
  • Never put it too close to the heating wire of the oven
  • Try to remove it right after it is done
  • Please don’t handle clay right after taking it out of the oven
  • After removing it from the oven, try to rest it for at least 45 to 60 minutes to cool down

Does clay produce toxicity by oven heating?

Technically, clay is a non-toxic element. Even polymer clays are also non-toxic. But while heating, polymer clay can forms semi-toxic fumes due to burning. To avoid this situation, try not to burn in the oven.

If somehow you burn polymer clay in the oven, please don’t panic. Put off the oven switch immediately, and give enough space to remove the airflow. And last but not least, do not place any food in the oven right after removing the clay from the oven. Instead, wait for a while, at least 30 to 60 minutes, for food safety.


Can I reheat clay cups in the oven?

Sure, you can reheat clay cups in the oven. But never put them in the oven for too long. Typically clay cups are not supposed to be highly heat resistant so take care of that. The suggestion is not putting in the oven for more than a couple of minutes.

Is it possible to use a one-time clay pot in the oven?

Technically, one-time clay pots are not intended for cooking, but you can heat them for a minute in the oven. For food safety, better not to put them in the oven.

Final thought

There are no other alternatives to hard clay without heating. While heating raw clay at home, the oven is the safest option. 225°F to 275°F is the optimum temperature for raw clay. Where processed clay can go at a temperature of 450°F and more, it is certain to cook with an ovenproof clay pot that is familiar with pottery.