Does Cheesecloth Burn In The Oven? Quick and Easy Fix!

Sometimes our steaks and grills get very dry by oven heating. Mostly this phenomenon happens in the convection oven. To lock the moisture of food, you may use a wet cheesecloth. Now your concern might be whether cheesecloth burns in the oven or not.

Cheesecloth is a cotton gauze cloth that typically does not burn in the oven while cooking.

Can cheesecloth go in the oven?

Cheesecloth is a very lightweight, thin fabric made of cotton. The primary exercise of cheesecloth is to rinse water from the cheese. Nevertheless, it can be used for other purposes. Suppose you can cover a turkey with a cheesecloth while roasting it in the oven.

Technically, oven heat can dry out the meat or poultry while roosting. Because roasting includes prolonged heating, and the water content evaporates. Thus we brush oil to keep food moist.

On the other hand, extra cooking oil can be unhealthy for our hearts. Therefore, we can put a wet cheesecloth on the food item. So that it won’t dry out and the softness of the roast remain.

For safety, do not put cheesecloth at the beginning of cooking. And always dip your cheesecloth into flavored water or stock. Dry cheesecloth can absorb the moisture of your food instead of concealing the humidity.

Why do we use cheesecloth?

Cheesecloth is famed for the preparation of cheese. After curdling the milk, water was rinsed off by hanging on the cheesecloth. Thus the cheesecloth is a thin unbleached fabric; it conducts the rinsing process very well. The besides these, cheesecloth executes other kitchen usages such as

  • Rinsing water from yogurt
  • Bundling herbs in the broth or soups
  • To cover baking batter for rising up
  • Covering biscuit dough to prohibit dry out
  • To cover the top of the turkey roast and so on.

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Is cheese cloth heat resistant?

Thus cheesecloth is a fabric and explosive in contact with direct fire. It can go in the oven with moist food while cooking.

Typically the heat resistance of cheesecloth is variable under certain factors, but still, it is not so high. You must not put the bare dry cheesecloth in an oven up to 90° to 120° Fahrenheit.

However, food can tolerate temperatures beyond 120° Fahrenheit. Still, extensive heat can burn the food, whether it is covered by cheesecloth. And you can place scorching food on the cheesecloth. Even the hot boiling water does not affect the cheesecloth much. It is possible to boil water with herbs and spices and bind it with cheesecloth to make an aromatic stock.

What does cheesecloth do for a turkey?

A whole turkey takes a prolonged time to cook properly. During this process, the turkey roast gets dehydrated to keep turkeys from getting dry, whether you can brush oil or add water. But adding water can change the taste and texture, and oil can be an excess addition to your diet.

You can use a wet cheesecloth to get rid of this issue. It is beneficial to inhibit the drying of turkey.

To conduct this process, follow these steps

Step 1: Make a stock to dip the cheesecloth.

Take an ovenproof dish, and pour 50ml of pure water. Add 6/7 pieces of cloves, cardoon, bay leaves, one garlic, one onion, and 5 gm of garlic. Boil them at 350°Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. Submerge the cheesecloth into this stock.

Step 2: Prepare the turkey with salt, black pepper, and all the spices you desire.

Marinate the turkey with some cooking oil. And then, place the turkey in the oven at 300° for 25 to 30 minutes.

Take the turkey from the oven and cover it with that wet cheesecloth that emerged with the spices. And then, put it back in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes at 350° Fahrenheit.


Your turkey roast is ready. Now you can feel the moist-juicy texture of the turkey without basting it with oil or butter.

Can you reheat the cheesecloth while roosting a turkey?

It depends on the quality of the cheesecloth you are using and whether you can reheat it. Normally it is alright to reheat cheesecloth in the oven while roasting a turkey. Before reusing, ensure you clean the cloth after the first use. The recommendation is not to use cheesecloth in the oven more than 3 to 4 times.

What are a few oven-safe alternatives to cheesecloth?

If you don’t have cheesecloth or your stock is just finished. If you are looking for alternates of cheesecloth, you can find a simple, pure unbleached cotton fabric. It is the most convenient resource. The other alternatives are

  • Medical gauze
  • Cotta cotton
  • Cotton net fabric
  • Coffee filter
  • An unused sock, and so on.

But remember, never use silk or bleached fabric as an alternative to cheesecloth. Silk can catch fire.

Final thought

Cheesecloth can be used in the oven for boiling stock. The heat resistance of cheesecloth is fantastic. Even it doesn’t rag by boiling water or hot foods. Even the cheesecloth doesn’t burn in the oven with food. But never put only cheesecloth in the oven for more than a minute. It can catch fire due to the extensive amount of heat.