What dutch oven is comparable to Le Creuset

When comparing dutch ovens to Le Creuset dutch ovens, there is no better alternative than Lodge ovens.  Dutch ovens are well known and used because of their heat distribution, high durability and designs. They are made of enameled cast iron which works great for heat management. These are not regular ovens that look like historic …

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Can steam oven bake pizza? Read These Tips

It would be perfect to function to bake a pizza in the steam oven. At first your pizza will undoubtedly become a little soggy if you use steam, but after producing the exact heat it needs, it will be brownish and crusted as it would in an oven. The widespread consensus is that steam ovens are …

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Can I put driftwood in the oven?

The most efficient and cost-effective approach to dry driftwood is to leave the driftwood under the sun or in a dry area. However, this process can be agonizingly lengthy. There are instances when you need your wood to dry quickly, and you can’t wait for it to dry passively for weeks or months. This is …

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Can a steam oven cook rice? Easy Ways To Make Faster!


The steam oven can cook rice with other foods, including spaghetti, bread, and dumplings, and sweets such as creme brulee, puddings & soufflés. Depending on the recipe, you may also operate the oven in steam-only function or the standard oven without steam injection if necessary. Steam ovens cook food with high-pressure steam instead of heated air. They …

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Can I Put Mayo In The Oven? In One Easy Lesson

Mayo is a ready-to-eat food. The term ready-to-eat stands for food you don’t need to cook and is already processed. Even you don’t need to heat mayo. However, you can process other food with mayo. Some people use mayo as butter. While cooking with mayo, you might need to heat it. Now, you can search …

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Can you microwave Styrofoam? (Detailed Guide)


Nowadays, you see Styrofoam cups, plates, and takeout containers everywhere. Especially in the street food shops and cafes. If you want to avoid cleaning dishes or looking for low-budget one-time use containers. In that case, you also can go for Styrofoam. While using Styrofoam, you may wonder if Styrofoam is microwave safe? No, you should …

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Is there any healthy alternative to the microwave oven


Cooking with a microwave oven is very common nowadays throughout the modern world. Almost 90% of households in the UK have a microwave oven. But it was never an ideal choice to preserve nutrients and human health. It is better to reduce the dependence on the microwave oven. But what could be a healthier alternative …

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