Can You Steam In A Halogen Oven (Quick Answer)

Yes, it can be to steam cook your food. As technology advances, many cooking methods have been introduced to us. It is a versatile kitchen appliance that can fast and cook your food. It uses beams that emit infrared radiation to produce heat. It is no less than a conventional oven and can be used to grill, roast, dry, and steam food. 

What can you do in a Halogen oven?

You can use it for making any meal from breakfast to dinner, including grilling, barbecue, and steaming. It will cook any food for you. Grilling sausages and bacon can be done healthily. You can also cook boiling eggs. 

Roasting can be done fast and easily inside it. Roasting an entire chicken will take less time than in a regular oven. All thanks to the portability and its minimalistic build and shape. The shape provides the heat waves to circulate evenly.

It can be used to bake muffins, cakes, buns, and tarts with ease. Below is a chart with a list of things you can do and the proper heating. 

Deep frying 160°C-180°C
Grilling Up to 310°C
Charcoal grilling 350°C-370°C

Is there a steam option in a halogen oven?

Yes, there are options for steaming. You can stem vegetables and raw meat. To make the process faster, wrap your food in aluminum foil. During steaming lots of food, adding a small amount of water to the base will produce more steam to cook foods faster.

It will help to trap heat and moisture. It can also be used as a dryer to preserve your food for a long time. 

Can you use a halogen oven as an air fryer?

Yes, you can use it as an air fryer. It just got very popular since it can be used as an air fryer. All you need is to purchase an attachment for your 12 liters halogen. It will turn your regular oven into an air fryer.

The food comes out super crispy with no sogginess. Brush some oil on your food before placing it in the fryer. 

Halogen oven cooking times chart:

Although you have a halogen oven, it doesn’t cut down on the importance of knowing the proper times and temperatures for cooking food. The chart below shows the time limits and temperatures for different foods.

FoodTime limits(mins)Temperatures(°C)
Chicken wings20-25170-190
Fish 15-20140-150
Shrimp 8-12140-160
Lobster 15-18160-170
Sausage 11-14120-140
Hot dogs7-8190-210
BBQ spareribs17-20210-230
Potato 10-15190-210
Roasted bread8-10130-140


Halogen ovens are versatile as they can be used to prepare many meals. It comes with a provided recipe book that has many amazing recipes for you to try. They are preferred more than conventional ovens as they can cook faster.

The smaller size and the fan circulation helps the heat to spread out faster. But the downside is the less food you put in it, the faster it cooks, which takes more time to cook when too much food is packed inside.