Can You Make Toast in a Convection Oven? Quick Answer!

There are multiforms of ovens in the market that can function differently. But some of the settings of each range can be used for toasters. So if you think only a toaster can be used for toasting, you are not always right. Although, a toaster oven is the best device for toasting. 


Today, I would like to talk about the convection oven. Many people are interested in knowing whether you could make a toaster in a convection oven.

As I said that a  toaster oven is the best option for toasting; if you are thinking of making toasts with a convection oven, no one will stop you. 

Can you Make Toast in a Convection Oven?

The convection oven is one of the best alternatives to the toaster. This device has different functions; it can make toasters in different styles.  It will be easier to toast the bread and other foodstuffs if you have a convection oven. These ovens make food crispy and crusty and give brown layers that make food delicious. 

This article will provide you with a complete guide about making a toaster using a convection oven, its functions, and the correct temperature. Now, let’s know how you can toast bread or another foodstuff in a convection oven.

How to Toast Bread in a Convection Oven?

There are many ways of toasting bread, but the procedure may be slightly different if you think of toasting bread in a convection oven. Now, let’s know how you toast bread in a convection oven. 

  • First, you need to butter the bread on one side of the bread. Next, you need to keep the bread on the grill rack. Make sure you apply butter, margarine, or anything you like correctly. 
  • Keep the grill rack where the bread is kept in a convection oven. 
  • Switch on the grill mode. Keep the bread for 2 to 3 minutes. Grilling the bread for three minutes is enough to make crispy, crusty brown bread. If you take more time, it may turn black. When you are toasting bread with grill mode, it won’t show temperatures. 
  • When one part of the bread turns brown, you need to take it out of the oven. And you need to apply the butter to the opposite part of the bread. In simple terms, you have to flip the bread.  You need to repeat the same method. 
  • When you are done applying butter to the bread, you need to keep the bread in a convection oven for 2 to 3 minutes on the grill mode. 
  • After that, you will get delicious, crispy, buttery, and crusty bread. The method is relatively easy, and you can easily take out the bread from the oven. 
  • You can add some toppings like jam, Nutella, or cream when you are done toasting it. 

Another method of toasting the bread using a convection oven is: 

  • The technique is quite similar. The only difference is that you need to set up the temperature and the time. 

What Temperature do you Toast Bread in a Convection Oven?

The appropriate temperature for toasting bread in a convection oven is 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, the temperature for toasting may vary depending on the convection oven model. 

How to Toast Bread Using a Microwave Oven?

Some people might think toasting bread using a microwave oven, and a convection oven is quite the same. However, it has little difference. The method for toasting bread using a microwave oven is: 

  • First, you need to keep the bread on tissue paper or a towel. And put them on the plate. And keep the plate in the microwave.
  • Cook the bread for 30 seconds. The maximum temperature for toasting bread in the microwave oven is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is done, the microwave makes a beep sound. If you hear this sound, make sure you check whether it is crispy and crusty or not. You can understand by poking at the Krusty section of the bread. 
  • If you think it is done, take it out from the microwave oven and remove the towel from the plate where the bread is kept. Now, it’s time to have a bite. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Can you toast a bagel in a convection oven?

Yes, you can toast a bagel in a convection oven. It would help if you placed the intact bagel into the convection oven, and it needs to be preheated at the temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit for four to five minutes. 

Q. Can you make toast in a speed oven?

Yes, you can make toast in a speed oven. Not only toast, but the speed oven can also make thick layers of sandwiches with cheese, mayonnaise, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Broil-mode is the best setting for making baguettes, crostini, and sandwiches as it uses the high heating element.


Whenever you do not have kitchen tools, we try to bring out creative ideas for making different types of mouth-watering food. So the same case is for the toaster oven. If you do have a toaster oven, it is beautiful.

Buying a convection oven is better than a toaster oven because a convection oven is considered one of the best ovens as it has many applicable settings. In our previous articles, I wrote many articles about cooking appliances and accessories. If you are interested to know, you can explore our homepage. And do not forget to share our articles with your family, relatives, and friends. Before buying any cooking appliances, know their functions and qualities.