Can You Boil Water In A Roaster Oven? Why You Must Experience

Even though many of us use a roaster oven for roasting lean meat and whole chicken or turkey, it can be used for various cooking purposes.

Even you are wondering, can you boil water in a roaster oven? No wonder you can boil water in a roaster oven. Its stainless steel non-stick removal pot and adjustable temperature settings allow it to boil water.

Can you boil water in a roaster oven?

Are you a homemade roast lover looking for a versatile cooking element or a portable oven? A roaster oven is just the right choice for you. Not only roasting, but you can also cook almost everything with a roaster oven. Even you can boil water in it.


A roaster oven is a kind of countertop oven. The main body of a roaster oven is usually made of stainless steel; it has two parts. One is the leading heating portion that holds the settings and heater.

Another holding pot or container that is also stainless is a body and enamel-coated cooking surface, which gives it a glassy non-stick medium. They also provide a stainless steel rack for fat-free cooking.

The roaster oven comes with a heat-proof lid. So that you can cover your food while cooking, it helps to lock the moisture of the food item. It has 26 pounds capacity for holding food. Such a great deal it is.

If you have questions like, can you boil water in a roaster oven? I already cleared it up; you can boil water in a roaster oven. Put water into the removable pot; set the desired temperature. And wait for a while.

For safety, don’t put too much water; always check your roaster oven holding capacity before boiling water.

How long it takes to boil water in a roaster oven?

The time and temperature required for boiling water in a roaster oven depend on how much water you are pouring for boiling. Putting in a large amount of water will take more time than for small amounts. So as temperature, low temperature take more time than the high temperature for boiling.

Suppose you want to boil one litter of water in a roaster oven, then set your temperature to about 450° Fahrenheit for six to eight minutes.

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Can you use a roaster as an oven?

Basically, roaster ovens are intended to use as an oven. It is a countertop or portable oven.

The roaster oven has a temperature tolerance of about 200°F to 450°F and has an electrical capacity of 1400 watts. And the stainless steel enamel coating body of the roaster oven is highly heat resistant. So, you can use a roaster oven as an oven.

What can you cook in an Oster roaster oven?

Oster roaster oven is might be the most recommended roaster oven. You can cook almost everything with an Oster roaster oven. Let’s take a look at what you can cook

  • Whole turkey roast
  • Lean meat steak
  • Poultry roasting (whole chicken/ duck)
  • Baking (pasta, bread, cake, etc.)
  • A large amount of soup
  • Curry, etc.

Let’s look bellowed table to understand the usefulness of cooking with an Oster roaster oven.

Variable temperatureHeats up quickly
Removable pot/ containerSometimes can overcook
Removable rackLimited space ( 26 pounds of capacity)
Enamel-coated stainless steel body 
Easy to clean 

If you are looking for a liable source of an Oster roster oven, you can visit their official website. Here

Or you can check user feedback by clicking the image or link bellowed:

Oster 18qt Roaster Oven Hand Wash
Oster 18qt Roaster Oven – Hand Wash


Q. Can you boil water in the oven?

It is possible to boil water in the oven. Before boiling water, always check the oven’s capacity; do not use much water beyond the capacity. For safety, use a large oven-safe pot. However, boiling water in the oven is not a very good idea.

Q. Can you boil water in a NESCO roaster?

NESCO roaster oven has a 750W heating element and a cooking temperature of up to 450° Fahrenheit (232° Celsius). And holding capacity of 22qt. So, you can boil water in a NESCO roaster.


A roaster oven is an easy kitchen tool. We can use a roaster oven for various cooking purposes such as roasting, baking, boiling, etc. even boiling water is also possible with a roaster oven. However, don’t be much harsh with your roaster oven. It is recommended to hand wash.