Can I put IKEA bowls in the oven? Easy Guide!

Usually, IKEA bowls are made of Feldspar porcelain, and porcelain does not have high heat tolerance. They are specially designed for serving, not for cooking.

So, if you are thinking can you put IKEA bowls in the oven? IKEA bowls are not intended for high heat tolerance; you should not put them in the oven. But they are microwave safe; you can use IKEA bowls temperature at 200° to 300° Fahrenheit.

But you can put other IKEA products composed of cast iron, stainless steel, and stoneware in the oven.


What are the materials for IKEA bowls?

IKEA made a variety of bowls different in materials, color, shape, and size.

Table for the materials of IKEA bowls and relative temperature tolerance:

Porcelain200°F to 250°FNot oven proofMicrowave safeDishwasher safe
Feldspar porcelainUp to 300°FNot oven proofMicrowave safeDishwasher safe
StonewareUp to 300°FNot oven proofMicrowave safeDishwasher safe
Glass120°FNot oven proofMicrowave safeDishwasher safe
Stainless steelMicrowave safeDishwasher safe

You can visit their website to check out all the products with all descriptions

How can I heat IKEA bowls by not hampering them?

Usually, IKEA mentions whether their products are high heat proof or not or just follows the recommended temperature by the packaging of IKEA bowls.

IKEA bowls are not too heavy bottom; they are mostly made of Feldspar porcelain which can go under the temperature of up to 300°Fahrenhiet. You can use it in the microwave to melt your food’s cheese and heat it. But never use IKEA bowls for cooking. Because of their light structure, they can crack under high heat.

When using a dishwasher, don’t go up to 158°Fahrenhiet/ 70°Celcius.

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Can I put IKEA glass bowls in the oven?

No, IKEA does not recommend putting their glass bowl in the oven. You can put IKEA bowls in the microwave with a maximum 120°Fahrenhiet; otherwise, they will crack. IKEA tries to make their glass bowl lightweight and effortless to serve.

Can IKEA stainless steel go in the oven?

When you are using an intelligent diner set like IKEA, you must be worried about whether you can put IKEA stainless steel in the oven?

Actually, IKEA stainless steel bowls are not allowed to be put in the oven, but you can put their oven-proof stainless steel cookware and oven dish in the oven. IKEA oven-proof stainless steel cookware has a heavier layer structure than stainless steel bowls; they are more sustainable in high heat.

Are IKEA 365+ bowls oven safe?

IKEA 365+ bowls are dinnerware, not cookware; they are made of feldspar porcelain. It is not oven safe; however, it is microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Where is the IKEA oven safe symbol on the bowl? How does it look?

Usually, IKEA bowls are not allowed to go under the oven, so there is no oven symbol. If you are finding for symbols by which you can detect, is it oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe or not? Please check on the back side of the bowls; you will see symbols there.

You can check out the picture here to understand what symbols look like.


IKEA is a multinational industry; they manufacture furniture, home accessories, and kitchen accessories. They have smart dinner and cookware. IKEA dinnerware is designed for serving and eating; they are microwave and dishwasher-safe. And they also have oven-safe cookware which can go under 500° Fahrenheit.

Unlike IKEA dinnerware, oven-safe cookware is also made of stainless steel, stoneware, glass, and ceramic but is specially designed for cooking in the oven by creating a heavy layer.