Can a steam oven cook rice? Easy Ways To Make Faster!

The steam oven can cook rice with other foods, including spaghetti, bread, and dumplings, and sweets such as creme brulee, puddings & soufflés.


Depending on the recipe, you may also operate the oven in steam-only function or the standard oven without steam injection if necessary.

Steam ovens cook food with high-pressure steam instead of heated air. They provide a completely different level of cooking to your food and can even reheat foods faster than microwaves, creating a fantastic double whammy.

Read on to learn more about various questions concerning cooking rice in a steam oven.

How to cook rice in a steam oven?

To create the nicest and easiest rice in your steam oven, follow the procedures below carefully.

  • Fill a big deep stainless steel pan halfway with rice and water.
  • Place your pan in your steam oven and adjust the temperature to 110°C/225°F on the steam-only option with 100% humidity—Time yourself for 15 minutes. If you have a full-sized steam oven compared to a compact one, set the timer for 20-25 minutes for the bigger oven chamber to heat up.
  • Start by removing the pan from the oven when the timer goes off, ruffle the rice with a spatula, and set aside for 2-3 minutes before serving.

Additional tip:

  1. Use a smaller pan for cooking the rice more evenly and quickly.
  2. Avoid using a glass or heavy ceramic dish to steam your rice. It will take more time to cook and will not be as uniformly steamed.

You now have the most incredible rice to enjoy your meal.

Is steam oven-cooked rice healthy?

Cooking rice in your steam oven is healthy. Cooking rice in a steam oven has no negative effects on the meal’s nutritional value and is regarded healthier than boiling rice.

Steam ovens are fantastic for producing healthier, more nutrient-dense cuisine. Traditional ovens’ intense heat can damage minerals like vitamin C and iron. They are preserved via steam cooking. Because steam is a highly humid cooking method, you may avoid using the oils used in a regular oven.

Rice is among those foods everyone should be able to prepare at the stroke of a hat. Despite what the carb police may say, it’s a terrific way to thicken up a meal and is easier on most people’s stomachs than toast or spaghetti. There are several types, and if you’re able to learn the primary ones, you’ll always have a basis for a quick supper or a simple yet full salad on hand.

People should immediately switch to this computerized and more convenient method of cooking rice.

How to prevent the rice from sticking together?

The rice grains will start to cling to one another and create big clumps as the water is absorbed, and they come closer and closer together. Rinsing is a pretty easy solution. Put the uncooked rice in a big bowl, add cold water to it, and stir the rice with your hands.

There are certain specific ways to keep rice from sticking after it has cooked.

First, you may add vinegar to keep the rice kernels apart while also seasoning it. Second, don’t open the lid right away once it’s finished cooking; instead, let it sit for a few minutes before fluffing your rice with a fork.

Before Letting You Leave

Utilizing the steam oven to cook rice is a quick and wholesome method. You can quickly prepare rice and enjoy eating it in about 20 minutes.

If you don’t want your rice to be sticky, wait for a little after cooking it, or add vinegar instead.