Are Microwaved Burgers Bad For you? What Professionals do!

Microwave burgers cause cancer. Yes, that’s what many people think. They have dwelled the thought in their mind that microwave radiation is harmful to food and the human body. But have we ever crosschecked the actual truth? As a health-conscious person, should it be OK to have microwaved burgers?


No, it’s not unhealthy or unsafe.

Nowadays, it appears to be a burning question for all of us. In addition, when we want to reheat food, these questions call upon our minds. It puts us in a huge dilemma. Hence, by virtue of the scientists and their research, the truth has finally came to light.

Today, I will represent the exact truth to you. Therefore, keep reading below to learn about it.

Are Microwave Burgers healthy?

In general, Microwave burgers are not really bad for you.

I will explain it in detail. First, it’s important to know how a microwave works. So I will discuss it.


A microwave is a micro–wave. It means that the waves from a tube called a magnetron are short and not so lengthy. It’s not ionizing radiation. Put differently, non-ionizing radiation can cause zero harm to your health. While microwaving, its radiation does not enter your food.

Basically, when any food is put into the microwave, water molecules absorb those electromagnetic waves and vibrate the molecules. In this way, food is heated.

Please bear in mind that these waves are not strong enough to change the atomic structure of any food. That’s why these waves cannot do any harm to the food.

Another thing is people believe that microwaved food reduces nutrition while reheating. Well, that’s true. But it’s the same for conventional cooking as well. Somewhere, every food that is cooked lowers its nutrition. This is because the water leaches it off while cooking.

In some cases, heating in microwaves upgrades the nutrition quality. This might be new to you.

But don’t worry, it’s not a tall story.

We all know that cooking in this way is faster than any other medium. The long you reheat the food, the more it ruins the nutrition of your food. That’s why sometimes, cooking in the microwave keeps your food in a better nutrition state compared to conventional cooking.

In the next point, I will exemplify more about it.

Can You Microwave Frozen Burgers?

Yes. But you need to follow some guidelines. Most of the time, people straightly take burgers from the fridge and put them into the microwave. They are doing it wrong.

At first, you need to bring the frozen burger at room temperature. When it’s same as the room temperature, you can put it into the microwave.

The less fat in the meat, the faster it will reheat your burger. The more fat in the meat, the longer it will take to reheat the burger. You can heat it at a temperature of 150 – 160° F.

Can You Cook Burgers In A Microwave?


This is a common myth of people that have now become an apple of discord. This open question needs to be solved. So, I will explain it to you at my best.

The myth needs to get clear. People assume that microwaved foods cause harm, cancer, and diseases.

Where the truth is, microwaved foods are not harmful to your health. Instead the cookware where you put on your food and reheat it is the one which is harmful to you.

If it’s a plastic cookware, it will melt and leach into your food. This is what makes the food toxic. This is harmful for your health. For this reason, you must be careful when choosing cookware for your microwave.

Because glassware is good to use, to cook food on it will be safe. One thing that you must know is that packaged foods should not go into the microwave. These packaged foods can also leach into your food.

Sometimes, a burger is bought from a shop that straightly goes into the microwave. Pre-made foods can be a little harmful to you because it contains salt, sugar, and fats, which have very less nutrition and no calories.

But this should be called into play that, sometimes you make homemade burgers and then go to microwave it. That’s pretty cool. But you should not keep it a long time in the microwave. Keeping it for a long time makes your food overcooked and ruined entirely.

Can Beef Burgers Be Microwaved?

Yes. Beef burgers can be microwaved. It’s the same as any other burger. You need to follow the guidelines by turn.

Let’s know how to microwave your beef burgers right away –

  1. Place the beef burger in a microwave–safe dish.
  • Microwave your burger for 2 – 4 minutes. ( Depending on its size )
  • Flip the burger so that its lower part can get cooked properly.
  • When it’s done, take your burger out of the microwave.
  • Finally, enjoy an appealing meal.


Technically, microwaved burgers are not bad for you. It’s only come into fashion that microwaves can cause serious diseases. It’s all a lie. You can microwave burgers.

In any case, some people avoid microwaved burgers because it provides fats and salt than nutrition. However, it depends from person to person if they want to have burgers or not. All I can say is that Microwaved burgers are safe to microwave beyond all doubt.

FAQs: Related Asked Quesion

Q. Are Microwave Burgers Bad For You?

Answer: When the question comes about microwaved burgers, the answer is no. Microwave burgers are not bad for you. You can reheat the burger in the microwave as long as you follow the guidelines properly.

Q. How long should I microwave my burger?

Answer: While microwaving the burger, you should remember that the burger should not get over cooked. Else it will ruin the taste of the food.

You can safely microwave your burger (for 2 – 4) minutes.

Q. Can You Microwave Frozen Burgers?

Answer: Yes. You can cook frozen burgers. But remember that you should bring the burger to room temperature after taking it from the fridge. Then you can put it into the microwave.