Air Fryer Making A Rattling Noise – Here’s Why & How To Fix It

It is expected that artificial devices get problems when you do not use them properly or contact old. And many people do not know how you can fix the problem and why this problem can happen. So the same case is for the cooking appliance, like an air fryer. 


Today, I would like to talk about some problems in the air fryer that generally occur as many people are interested to know how you can fix the problems in the air fryer and why this happens.

This article will help you know about the solution and which types of air fryers make noise. As the demand for Airfryer in the market increases, people should know the fundamental problems that can often be seen. 

How to Solve Air Fryer Making A Rattling Noise?

The rattling noise of the air fryer is quite common because a fan operates this cooking appliance. So when the fan is running, it automatically makes a sound.

The air fryer’s general noise is generally up to around 60-65 decibels. If the noise produced is more than 65 decibels, you should check it. And if parts of the air fryer are stuck by debris or food particles, the air fryer may make a rattling noise. 

What Should I Do If My Air Fryer Makes A Rattling Noise?

The noise produced by the air fryer can be pretty disturbing. The sound can be harsh, and some problems can occur if you cook anything using the air fryer that makes a sound. This problem can be solved by cleaning and ensuring their fryer partners are perfectly connected. 

There are some instructions that you need to follow if your air fryer makes a rattling noise. 

Disconnect the air fryer:  First, you should disconnect the air fryer making noise. After switching it off, you should check the internal parts of the air fryer to see whether anything is stuck or not. If the details of the air fryer are dirty, you should clean them carefully. 

Never use it: After cleaning it, if you see some problems in the air fryer, you should use it. And if you know the heating elements are okay but still making rattling sounds, you should avoid using them or ask for help from the technician. 

Why Is My Air Fryer Making A Rattling Noise?

A rattling noise from an air fryer is quite common. The general sound can be due to the movement of the fan. This rattling sound can be solved if the problem is minor.  There are many reasons why air fryers make a rattling noise.

Some of the reasons are: 

The Contrivance of Airfryer:

You know, the operation of the air fryer is done by a fan, which is the main component of the air fryer. As the air fryer operates by a fan, the sounds may produce. The function of the fan is to keep the internal parts of the air fryer excellent. It uses a high temperature to cook; it moves the hot air out from the device. The fan runs at high speed. When it moves, it makes noises. If you do not know how to fix it, you should take help from the technician. 

Loose Components:

If the air fryer parts are broken, it makes a sound. When the air fryer parts get damaged, the fan makes more sound than it. For this, you need to clean the internal sections of the air fryer carefully. If you are not experienced enough in fixing the air fryer, you must take help from the manufacturer or experts. 


Maintaining the device’s sound can be pretty tricky if you do not know how you can do it. And it is a widespread problem in the air fryer. The sound can vary immensely depending on the brand and style of the air fryer, and it can cause problems. If you want to know about the best quality air fryer and other accessories, you can ask us. And if you have any questions regarding any topics, you can visit our homepage.