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Nazim Khan

Editor in Chief


I’m Nazim Khan.

I’m a Kitchen enthusiast and love working in kitchens around the world. People usually call this Job as a Chef, but I call it living in dreams.

My core educational background has failed to draw me into its lap. From my teenage, I dreamt of becoming a chef, and that’s why I took training on kitchen management and universal cuisine, a decade ago.

I really love to learn new things. I have never stopped learning. I took many online and offline courses and worked in several renowned kitchens to learn about modern and state-of-the-art cooking appliances. I believe there are only two things that make cooking heavingly. One is fresh ingredients, and another is top-class cooking appliances.

Many of you might frown at the word “top-class cooking appliances”! Don’t worry; I didn’t mean anything expensive. I belong to a middle-class family and always know the importance of managing the budget.

Nazim khan

I put my knowledge into learning and exploring different aspects of cooking accessories. I know what to look for in cookware, oven, freezer, or other cooking items. I always make notes of what I usually learn and explore daily in my cooking journey. But sadly, most of my notes are lost due to my crazy lifestyle.

I thought of creating blogs to help me go through my kitchen-related research work more often and help others learn and interact with me. I created this blog to share my research and finding with the world and budding kitchen enthusiasts to start their carrier.

Frankly, this is one of my favorite blogs I have ever created. I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with different types of ovens.

In this blog, I try to solve different real-life problems with ovens. For example, when you try to get a new oven or replace the existing one, what are the first things that jump into your mind?

  • What brand oven should I get? Is the brand trustworthy?
  • If yes, then is my desired oven under my budget?
  • What could be the life expectancy of that oven? Is it easy to maintain? Needs regular repair?

Not only that, but when we regularly use an oven, we frequently face various issues, like if your cookware is oven safe or not, can you put something in the oven to heat up, how can you clean an oven, and so many more issues.

I will solve all these mazes and write posts about my experiences. Also, there are some confusion about oven-cooked foods. Like, is oven-cooked food healthy, or does it reduce nutrition? I will also talk about these issues in this blog.

Overall, I will write everything about ovens, and I assure you that you will enjoy every piece of the articles, as these articles are designed to deliver the best information about ranges, stoves, ovens, and cookware.

Finally, you can put requests on what you want to know or on the topic should I conduct my research from the contact us page.

You can follow my social handles to learn more about me and my regular life.

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Thomas Olive

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Thomas Olive

Lead Content Analyst

Hello, Everyone. I hope you all are doing great. And I’m pleased that you are curious about me!

Let me start by giving you some background information about me. I’m Thomas Olive from the city of Chicago, United States. 

I was attracted to different kinds of mechanical devices in my youth, which encouraged me to become a successful engineer. It is not only the story. As my elder brother is a very successful engineer, I was fascinated by his job.

This led me to keep myself busy with various kinds of widgets. I burnt the midnight oil to achieve my triumph to gain excellent results. Due to my hard work, I finally got a chance at one of the best Universities in the United States, the Illinois Institute of Technology.

As I was always interested in collecting different data and information about technology, I still have this habit. But this time, it was a different experience from my childhood.

This is because now is the time to collect the data and information about the parts of the technology like the oven, blender, or other kitchen appliances as experienced engineers.  Eventually, I also tried to fix the problem with the kitchen appliances, which was quite captivating for me.

After completing my graduate degree, I tried to accumulate vast knowledge about various kinds of cooking appliances. This was a great experience in my life which allowed me to work in one of the best companies of ovens and other cooking appliances in the United States. 

The oven is one of my favorite cooking appliances because my mother baked yummy food for me when I made excellent results after hard work. For this reason, I chose to become a technical advisor in the cooking appliances industry.

Now, I’m serving professional services in different cooking appliances, and I’m the principal advisor of the well-known company Breville. 

Becoming an engineer was my dream, but I have a hobby. My hobby is writing a blog about what I know. In my blog, I try to share my experience with our audience.

I believe it will assist you in learning about the renowned brands of ovens and other cooking appliances and how you can disentangle the problem effectively by spending less time and money.

As there are many different brands of ranges in the online and offline marketplace, it may make it difficult to understand the quality of the cooking appliances, especially if you are a neophyte.

Thank you for reading it. I am happy to answer any questions you might have related to cooking appliances. Touch on me contact us